#ZOOCREW2014 Days 47-53


I’m writing this post, feeling quite refreshed.  While it was another crazy busy week, it was such a RELAXING weekend.  There wasn’t one stressful thing about it.  I even did laundry and cooked. That hasn’t happened in forever! Especially the cooking on the weekend part.

IMG_8579Day 47: I should’ve taken a hint from myself when I was cold and needed late night tea to warm up. Little did I know it was the start of strep

IMG_8588Day 48: Keeping up with my New Years Resolutions, I’m continuing to do something for myself.  A few years back a coworker and friend told me I should look into becoming a Google Certified Teacher.  So I did and never moved forward.  Then he asked me about it again, I started reviewing the courses and again, never moved forward.  Well now that I’m helping the Chromebook initiative at our school, which is ALL Google based, I figured now better than ever.  I’m also taking a Google refresher course through our district.  Mostly to help me remember the basics so I can help guide the teachers.  Even learned a few things too.

IMG_8593Day 49: After waking up super early to learn I had strep, a trip to for some yummy coffee was necessary.  The meds helped too.

IMG_8619Day 50: I was lucky enough to have the morning with this cutie on Thursday.  We spent it at the doctor for his one year and getting shots.

IMG_8642Day 51: Nothing like a Friday night spent catching up with the blog, some yummy treats and good ole fashioned Pinot.

IMG_8673Day 52: We got to celebration Henry’s cousin Addison’s first birthday on Saturday.  These two are such hams together.  Partners in crime for sure.  Henry had to get in on the cake eating action too.

IMG_8712Day 53: Tuna cakes are one of my favorite meals to make and eat.  It proved to be a favorite for Henry as he ate two by himself!

This week will be super busy with conferences, but it ends with a four day weekend away with my two boys.  Can.Not.Wait.


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#ZOOCREW2014 Days 40-46


Can I just say how thankful I am that this week is over?  Talk about busy, unexpected sickness and just chaos.  Happy to be moving on to a less busy time in our lives, wait….

IMG_8389Day 40: I was so happy to see this sweet package in the mail from my aunt via my Grandma.  I can’t wait to hang it outside Henry’s window so he can watch the hummingbirds.

IMG_8403Day 41: Henry’s valentines for all his friends at Carol’s. I was excited that I didn’t have to wait until Kindergarten for fun moments like this.

IMG_8421Day 42: The birthday party took on a whole new level at pone point this week.

IMG_8469Day 43: Our ‘little’ boy turned one on Thursday!!

IMG_8493Day 44: Party planning is EXHAUSTING! Seriously need a vacation after this

IMG_8522Day 45: Nothing like celebrating your first birthday with a little cash smash

IMG_8562Day 46:  After a crazy weekend it was nice to relax and be silly, just the three of us.

We actually have a pretty free week and weekend upon us.  I anticipate that will change.  Oh how I look forward to doing nothing, for a long time.

#ZOOCREW2014 Days 27-39


Time gets away and while I’ve managed to keep my picture a day series up, I’ve not been do great about documenting it via the blog.  Low and behold, the Olympics are on and I have more than a few minutes to get caught up.

IMG_8055DAY 27: This kid is a trip.  We had more fun putting the ‘c’ on his head and watching the confused look, than he did taking it off each time.

IMG_8090DAY 28: We have food day at McKinley on Wednesday’s.  Each grade or group is responsible for signing up for a day.  Tried this new chocolate buttercream recipe.  YUM, is all I have to say about that.

IMG_8109DAY 29: How cute is Henry and his new haircut?  Seriously, can he get any cuter.  He’s had more haircuts in his first year of life than I’ve had in his first year!

IMG_8111DAY 30: America the Beautiful.  Such a beautiful sky the morning after grandpa made his way to heaven.

IMG_8165DAY 31: Sometimes things get stressful and you just to drink, by yourself.

IMG_8188DAY 32: Henry LOVES to watch out the window when the guys come to plow.  I like to call this one “Hey Guys! It’s me Henry!”

IMG_8231DAY 33: Last weekend was a long one for all of us, especially Henry since he had his one year photo session.  Kid was EXHAUSTED come Sunday.

IMG_8250DAY 34: Friends first, family second! Love this girl.  Pretty sure I’d be locked in my closet crying, without her.

IMG_8262DAY 35: “Perk” to having a few unplanned days of work; breakfast with the bestie.  So sad she had to leave us after three weeks of on and off time with us.

IMG_8288DAY 36: Just another sneak peek into the big birthday bash this weekend.  I need a serious party planning intervention.  #stopthemadness

IMG_8293DAY 37: Starting making breakfast smoothies and I’m in love.  Getting fruits and veggies, all the while not being starved five minutes after finishing breakfast.

IMG_8344DAY 38: Typical Saturday running errands.  Grammy let Henry take over the cart.  Wonder how much he’d scan for 🙂

IMG_8382DAY 39: Celebrated my BIL’s birthday with these delicious cherry pie bars and root beer floats.  One bite and I took mine home for later.  Didn’t want to look like a fat kid having a float and a bar!

This week coming up is a BIG week.  We’re celebrating Henry’s 365 days of life.  I’ll probably end up crying all week.