#ZOOCREW2014 Days 54-67


I missed my Wednesday deadline (I also misnumbered pictures this week too) to get my pic-a-day post up so yet again, you’re getting two weeks worth.  Why not see what my life has been like for two weeks all at once?!?  Mundane reality has hit, but Spring Break is not TOO far away.

IMG_8732Day 54: Seriously, this kid.  Love him!

IMG_8749Day 55: Conferences were Tuesday-Thursday, which meant a Spring Book Fair.  I love them, but too stressful to run one and still have the library functioning too.

IMG_8779Day 56: In true fashion, I started packing for our weekend away days before we were leaving.  Nothing but sweat pants and relaxation were in sight.

IMG_8794Day 57: And we’re off! Car is packed and we’re ready to head off to the north woods.

IMG_8832Day 58: Seriously this kid, love him, but he refused to nap ALL weekend.  It made me CRAZY!

IMG_8851Day 59: Last day in the north woods.  I could stare out this window all day long.

IMG_8915Day 60: Home again and in idiot mode watching the Oscars.

IMG_8926Day 61: While I love the Olympics, I was happy my shows were back on.  Thank you Apple TV for keeping all my shows in one place.

IMG_8960Day 62: National Pancake Day! Henry loves them

IMG_8968Day 63: Carol does the best art projects with the kids.  Each time they melt my heart.  This one is getting framed.

IMG_8973Day 64: Started reading this book earlier this week and cannot put it down.  Sadly, I have to when I start nodding off, but it’s definitely good so far

IMG_8995Day 65: For the first time since our year hiatus, we had family dinner again with the Cates.  Looking forward to starting this back up.

Day 66: Never fail, emotional distress gets me a speeding ticket.

IMG_9056Day 67: Henry’s working on nursing GRANDPA back to health

While the next few weeks and months will prove to be difficult for our family, I look forward to a bit of normalcy


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