North Woods Mini Vaca


Well, we got brave and decided to tackle the north woods again. I only say brave because last time we went, Henry ended up in the ER with croup. I can proudly say, aside from a few toddler wreck bruises, we are all on our way home in one piece. Yay us!!

Thanks to a long weekend off from school we were able to leave Thursday afternoon for a mini vacation. Ben’s grandparents live in the north woods and it’s by far one of my favorite places to visit. They live on the lake where it’s beyond peaceful.


We had intended on going to Klondike Days however Mother Nature still continues to be a whore and it was too damn cold to do anything. I was mostly upset that we couldn’t attend the winter festival because I’ve been wanting to go since Ben and I started dating eight years ago. We’ve made the plans before, but life or Mother Nature has always gotten in the way. He says I waited this long, what’s one more year!

Even though it was far too cold to venture anywhere outside grandma and grandpas house, we did bundle up to go see the ice castle in Eagle River.


Even that was far too cold, but my boys did pose for a photo op.


Notice how I’m not in the picture. You’d have to be dumb to stop moving and sit on the ice. I ain’t no fool!!

Aside from the ice castle excitement we did a lot of relaxing. That my friends was the best part. Henry worked at his walking skills and let me tell you, he’s quite the walker these days. He also did really well at refusing to nap all weekend. Is it possible to get a vacation to recover from vacation? Seriously, this kid is exhausting!

We ate well, laughed a lot and were in bed far earlier than normal. It was the perfect weekend away. Now to prep for reality again. Forty six days until Spring Break!

Selfie loving baby!


Henry’s kindle was an awesome investment, much cheaper than the original mini iPad thought too. We don’t let him play with it nonstop all day, I may love technology but it doesn’t need to babysit my child, but for long car rides and vacations it’s perfect. Fisher Price has a great set of educational apps that we just love.


Family photo! Henry discovered pretzel rods this weekend. His life will never be the same.


FYI: we don’t cosleep, nor do we agree with it, however 5am is early and putting him back in his bed meant he’d scream and wake up the whole house. They slept, I supervised.

Not only did I catch up on my celebrity puzzles, I also managed to read A LOT!


Good bye north woods. See you again when it’s warmer!



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