Five On Friday


Blogging from the North Woods from my iPhone. Pardon the formatting errors! Another week of Five on Friday.

This week I worked late a few nights. While it wasn’t enjoyable I am yet again behind thankful for my McKinley family. They make the late nights hilarious and the time flies by. It’s great to finally find a group of people whom make work and the tough days fun again.

While working late this week I put on a book fair. It was stressful organizing, but I’m so thankful for the profits our school received and the books in the children’s hands. This job has really reminded me how much I love books!

It’s no lie that I LOVE leggings. I wear them at least four out of three days a week this time of year. My most recent favorite place to buy them is White Plum. They’re cozy, cute and reasonably priced. My three favorite thing when shopping.

Another thing that isn’t a lie, my love for wine. Someone recently asked me my favorite brand and for the “cheap” stuff it’s definitely Cupcake. There’s one flavor that I don’t like (Angel Food) and they’re red is even good. Normally I hate red wine. While I’ve had the luxury of drinking really expensive fine wines, I can’t afford it, so I stick to this! It’s a must try if you haven’t dabbled.

Vacation! Sitting here on the couch, reading, not showering, and enjoying the coziness of Ben’s grandparents house is the highlight of the year (so far). Sometimes getting away doesn’t have to be far away from home or require lots of effort. Mindless relaxing is my favorite.

Enjoy your weekend and stay warm.


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