I Put My ‘Baby’ in a Box


It happened.  After months of putting it off, I finally put my ‘baby’ in a box.  No, I did not literally put Henry in a box.  He’s peacefully sleeping in his crib.  However, I did put the rest of all baby remnants away.

As Henry grew, I was quick to put a lot of things away.  The swing, bouncers, chairs, clothes, etc.  It seems though as he’s grown quickly these last few months, I haven’t had the time to really pack away what we no longer use.

So yesterday and into last night, I finally packed it all away.  No more bottles, baby food plates, leftover baby food, stuff in the closet that was never used, clothes, etc.  It’s all washed and boxed up for the next child.

I anticipate that at some point I’ll sell or donate a good majority of his clothes.  It would be pure luck to have another boy wearing the same size during the same seasons, as Henry did.  Of course it’s good to keep for now and I’ve picked out a few favorites that I either want to keep or pass on to some lucky little boys I know.

Our house is no longer taken over by swings, chairs, and bottles.  Now, there’s toys.  So many toys and shoes! You’ll probably find a diaper laying around too.  Henry is obsessed with carrying clean diapers around in his mouth like a dog.  Seriously, need to stop limiting his alone time with Bernie.

Though, while I was doing all this packing I couldn’t help, but laugh at myself.  I spent MONTHS researching the perfect everything.  Now, after his first year, most of that everything is packed away in a box.  Out of sight, out of mind.  It’s like when you spend hours cooking for Thanksgiving and the meal is over in twenty minutes.  I still can’t believe how fast the time flew and that those things that I couldn’t live without are now not needed.  I now have new things that I can’t live without.  Will those soon be gone too?  I also can’t help but wonder if, when we have more children, I’ll use half these items that are flooding our storage areas or insist on buying new stuff.  You’ve all met me, it’s bound to be the later of the two!



One thought on “I Put My ‘Baby’ in a Box

  1. I’m really not liking packing things away. The swing and playmat were fine, but when she moved up another size in her clothes, a small piece of me dies. I hate it! Why do they have to grow so fast?!

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