Back when Grandpa passed away, I started getting a sore throat and the aches.  I REFUSED to let this happen, so I drugged myself up with a leftover antibiotic from a previous ear infection, some Tylenol cold and ibuprofen.  Now, this is not how one should treat a sickness, but desperate times call for desperate measures.The day before Henry’s party, I woke up with another sore throat. Again, used my not so safe method of treatment and was fine the next day.

However, by Tuesday I was down for the count.  My throat killed.  Someone was stabbing me every time I swalloed.  I went on with my day at school, had class and got home just in time to whine for the next few hours to Ben. When I asked him if one goes to the ER for a sore throat he laughed.  Google told me it was strep.

I was informed that Kenosha had a 24 hour walk in, but I wasn’t dying nearly that bad to hop back in the car to get treated.  So, I resorted to FB and some home remedies people posted.  Nothing helped.  Went to bed with the attitude that I’d get up early, head to the walk in and then work.

Woke up Wednesday morning bright and fricken early, got ready for work and headed to St. Catherine’s.  I was happy to be seen within minutes of arriving.  The nurses took my vitals, did the ever so fun strep test and there I waited. Doctor came in, commented about my triple in sized uvula and then did something SO beyond belief.  He prescribed me with percocet, vicodin, a numbing agent and a steroid.  All of this was done BEFORE being diagnosed with anything.  Then we had a nice conversation about my necklace and boots (weird).

Finally found out it was strep.  Really, I should just be a doctor (thank you Google). The nurse came in to hand me the scripts.  I proceeded to tell him I was allergic to the antibiotic.  He leaves and in the meantime a female nurse comes to check out my outfit.  Apparently all the nurses and doctor (male) were talking about it.  I’m a teacher (librarian), there was nothing sexy, scandalous or hot about my outfit.

Nurse comes back a second time with a new antibiotic when I again needed to inform him I have an allergy to it.  At this point I considered running because they must be Googling a match that would work.  Side note:  I then Googled strep meds and the one they finally gave me was the one Google suggested.

I’d like to add, while my experience was a little different it was a good one.  Definitely will keep them in mind next time I feel like death between the hours of 8pm and 8am.

After leaving the doctor, I found a 24 pharmacy, filled my script, got coffee and headed to work. People couldn’t believe I worked with strep.  The little whipper snappers gave me the germs, why not share?!?

A few days of meds and I feel SO much better.  This time I’ll take all the pills until gone!


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