One Year Stats


First time playing with germ infested toys in the waiting room…..

Henry had his one year appointment this week.  In the beginning it seems we saw Dr. Welka all the time.  Now that he’s older we don’t get to see her as much, but Henry still lights up when she walks in the room.

At one year, he’s weighing in at 22.4 pounds (66%), 30.5 inches tall (96%) and has a huge head (I never care to look at those stats).

The doctor was happy to see he’s active, social and of course he had to show off his walking skills.

He only had to get two shots and took those like a champ as well.

After we headed home and he spent the afternoon with Grandma Zusan.  It was their first playdate together and all went well.  We decided to keep him home from daycare as he’s not usually a happy kid after shots (who is).  However, this time he didn’t seem phased.  Had we sent him, he would’ve been a bear!

The pediatrician gave us the okay to try any food with Henry.  We’ve been reserved due to his sensitive tummy, but after some conversation she wants us to give it a go.  She wasn’t as concerned about allergy testing when I told her his rosie cheeks (butt and face) aren’t as apparent anymore.

He’s since had one ounce of whole milk (this is HUGE) and loved it!  There was also another birthday party at daycare which involved ice cream cake.  Another first and he was in HEAVEN.


Some fun things about Henry and being one…

*He loves to tell you what the cow says.  We’re working on the horse and duck.

*We’ve classified him as a walker since this week.  He lets go of what he’s holding on and has such ambition to keep going, but does fall.  He’s taken around 5-7 steps each time he’s going somewhere.  Crawling is still preferred, but we’re making progress.

*No bottle and only milk at meals.  SO weird how you go from a scheduled life of milk every so many hours to not having that.  We’ve had no problem with transitioning away from no bottle before bed. He’s a water lover which is really nice.

*Looking out the windows has become seemingly fun, especially waiting for Daddy to come home.

*He’s really great at knowing when the baby proof locks aren’t on then bolting to the cupboards.

*Earlier this week he learned how to turn the washing machine on.

*Books are still a HUGE favorite.  He now babbles while turning the pages

*Riding in the truck he’s forward facing, but still rear facing in moms car.  One of us is a bit more reserved

*Favorite words (phrases) include mama, dada, hi, what’s that, no, ack (quack), and eez (please).

*Sleep is still awesome, along with being a vacuum in the eating department.  He’s a little more picky about certain textures (main vegetables), but I’m trying some new methods.

*He’s wearing mostly 12 month clothing and we just made the switch to size 4 diapers

*Curiosity continues to happen with everything.  Especially all this new birthday toys

We are continually amazed at how awesome he is each day.  Learning new things, discovering how fun and challenging these new aspects are and watching him grow complete us. While the last year has gone beyond fast, I LOVE this stage.  It’s completely challenging, but enlightening. Everything he’s doing is in part because of us.  That in itself is fulfilling.


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