Five on Friday


Another week come and gone.  A free weekend ahead of us for once.  The relaxation and house cleaning is much needed.  Here’s what I’m crushing on this week.


Thanks again to modern medicine for being awesome.  While I didn’t need ALL the prescriptions the doctor thought I did, this one really did the trick.  I hate going to the doctor, but I also hate being sick.  Since being a mom, I’ve learned it’s okay to get checked out.  Better than passing something on to the littles.

This week was my trying week, but I ended it with my favorite group of coworkers. It really is hard working between two different buildings with two different atmospheres.  After having a ho-hum week it was nice to unexpectedly go home and be welcomed with open arms.  I couldn’t believe how many students were excited to see me.  My afternoon proved to be productive.  Having conversations with coworkers, where you all are on the same level, makes a world of difference! We’ve started a campaign to get me there full time.  T-shirts anyone?

Google has rocked my world this week.  While I consider myself a Google ninja and am working on becoming a Google Certified Teacher, it’s amazing how much more you learn when helping others implement their apps.

Relaxation is here.  We’ve had a crazy few months and this weekend couldn’t come soon enough. So far we’ve planned a lunch date as a family, have a birthday party to attend and maybe even a little reorganization of some closets.

This next week is CRAZY BUSY.  Conference week blows on every level.  It’s the one week where you feel as if you’ve never left school.  Since becoming a librarian, I’m now in charge of running the Book Fair.  Back in the Fall, I had less than two weeks to throw one together.  This time I had months to plan and knew what I was doing.  After setting up this afternoon, I’m beyond looking forward to it.  Never realized how much I loved children’s books until becoming a librarian. Now I get all giddy and want to buy them all!  Maybe I should start reading some more of them too!!



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