#ZOOCREW2014 Days 40-46


Can I just say how thankful I am that this week is over?  Talk about busy, unexpected sickness and just chaos.  Happy to be moving on to a less busy time in our lives, wait….

IMG_8389Day 40: I was so happy to see this sweet package in the mail from my aunt via my Grandma.  I can’t wait to hang it outside Henry’s window so he can watch the hummingbirds.

IMG_8403Day 41: Henry’s valentines for all his friends at Carol’s. I was excited that I didn’t have to wait until Kindergarten for fun moments like this.

IMG_8421Day 42: The birthday party took on a whole new level at pone point this week.

IMG_8469Day 43: Our ‘little’ boy turned one on Thursday!!

IMG_8493Day 44: Party planning is EXHAUSTING! Seriously need a vacation after this

IMG_8522Day 45: Nothing like celebrating your first birthday with a little cash smash

IMG_8562Day 46:  After a crazy weekend it was nice to relax and be silly, just the three of us.

We actually have a pretty free week and weekend upon us.  I anticipate that will change.  Oh how I look forward to doing nothing, for a long time.


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