Five on Friday


Since I’ve been far to busy to blog (I have seven drafts going right now) and my eyes are going batty from creating web pages all day, I’m dedicating the next 20 minutes to a little Five on Friday (after dedicating the last 20 minutes to reading other peoples Five on Fridays).

Recently I did a little shopping for myself, which actually has been quite rare these days, despite what anyone else says.  In my purchases, I bought these great pair of Ultra Skinny Pants from Gap. I’m seriously obsessed with them.  Being ultra skinny, I ordered three sizes because I just wasn’t sure how my thick thighs would handle the ultra skinny aspect.  Well, they love them and my thighs even loved the smallest of the three sizes.  They are my new go to pants when I can’t find something to wear and I also have ordered them in other colors.  More people should wear colored pants.  It really puts pep in your step!

In my valiant efforts to become ultra healthy, okay maybe not ultra but healthy enough, I started making myself smoothies for breakfast.  I’ve always been a breakfast lover, we often have breakfast for dinner, but I NEVER eat breakfast at home.  I’m always running late so I throw something together (oatmeal, bagel, fruit) and eat it at school.  By the time I get around to eating it, the food is cold or tastes blah.  Found the smoothie recipes on Pinterest and am loving them so far. I can sip on them ALL morning in conjunction with my half gallon of water.

Made homemade tomato soup this week with grown up grilled cheese.  Yet again, went to make a recipe and realized one of my ingredients was spoiled.  So, instead of using cream in the soup, I used Thousand Island dressing.  It was SO good.  Probably shouldn’t have used as much dressing as I would’ve cream because it was a bit overpowering.  That was easily fixed with adding more milk.  Genius!  To clarify, grown up grilled cheese is good bread, good cheese (I raided the gourmet cheese box at the grocery), a little avocado, tomatoes, bacon, etc.  They were delightful.  I could go for one right now.

This is my first week working at Grant with our new 7.5 hour work week.  What this means is instead of working 7:15-3:15 every other week, I now get to work 7:45 to 3:15.  Do you know what extra half hour means?  Watching the TODAY Show!  My weeks at McKinley I now get to work 7:15-2:45 instead of 7:15-3:15.  Do you know what means?  A half hour of baby free errands!  It’s amazing what a half hour does for a gal!

On another work related nerdy note, I finally got to the okay to purchase Chromebooks for my libraries.  Anyone who has held a conversation with me lately has heard me discuss how badly I wanted this to get approved.  Apparently my mom was right, patience is a virtue.

I feel like my top five were kind of lame this week, but I’m sleep deprived so critical thinking is not my best friend today.  Here’s to hoping it warms up soon!! Happy Weekend!



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