#ZOOCREW2014 Days 20-26


It seems like this week was busier than it should’ve been.  Not sure where the time went or even what I did, but before I knew it Friday was here.

IMG_7841DAY 20: Monday I was lucky enough to have off work.  Like any good mom, I sent Henry to daycare and enjoyed the day to myself.  Did a little cleaning, laundry and even stopped for a yummy gas station hot chocolate before a haircut.

IMG_7860DAY 21: Tuesday we had the world’s LONGEST staff meeting which meant I missed dinner with the fam. To make up for it, I had dinner for #1 at Qdoba.  Never used to eat by myself before, but now I find solace in it.

IMG_7869DAY 22: The picture says at it all.  Snow Bank vs. Car. Enough said.

IMG_7901DAY 23: There’s a reason I never go to Gooseberries, I end up spending lots of money on wine and dip.  Decided to try this after seeing it on TV.  Not a huge fan, but I did finish the bottle.


DAY 24: Friday night family time at the in laws.  Henry had lots of fun playing with his cousins, grandparents and loved that Auntie Brianne was spending a few days with us.

IMG_7978DAY 25: We had another family day on Saturday.  Celebrated the birthday of our niece and two nephews.  It’s rare that the three of us spend an entire day together, but it sure is welcomed and cherished.

IMG_8011DAY 26: These two sure know how to make us laugh.  Bernie has figured out that most of Henry’s toys are off limits, even though the squeaking confuses him.  However, Henry is convinced everything is his.

Bracing for another cold week and days off school.  I’m over it.  You’ll probably get a post about me complaining about not having to work sometime this week.


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