Sippy Cup Snob


As we continue the road to ditching the ever famous bottle, I’ve learned that my child is a sippy cup snob.  At first I was convinced he hated the sippy so I was determined to buy all different types then he’d for sure find one he loved and stop taking a bottle..WRONG.

Since I feel like a sippy cup pro, I thought it would be fitting to do a little review of the ones we’ve tried and why I hate all, but one type.

We’ve been on the Tommee Tippee train since the very beginning.  I spent months researching different bottles and their consumer report standings.  After going back and forth on a few types I stuck with Tommee.  They were a newer type, resembled the breast and the shape is cute.

When I registered for the bottles, I also registered for the sippy cups.  First, we started off with the Lil Sippee.  Henry didn’t do well with these because of the handles.  He thought they were great to bang against his highchair.  Soon I realized taking the handle off made him stop doing this.  He easily drank water out of them.  The nipple was made out of the same material as the bottle, but more of a square shape.  My biggest complaint about them was no stopper so when tipped upside down they liquid came out. I also registered for these trainer cups.  The handle made them impossible and we’ve maybe used them twice.

Once I became more serious about phasing out the bottle, I thought maybe a cup with a straw would work.  Nope, the cheap ninety nine cent one from target was useless, plus a pain to clean.  Then, when I almost died at a Walmart during a tornado, I found a Disney soft spout cup.  The spout wasn’t too soft or too hard and there was a stopper so the liquid wouldn’t fall out.  It worked a few times, but now he could careless about it.  When you give him he just throws it. A friend told me about the awesome luck she had with the NUK trainer cups. Her daughter went from never drinking out of a sippy to getting rid of the bottle in just three days.  These were bound to be the miracle worker.  So far, this is the ONLY cup he’ll drink milk out of, but never consistently and I hate it.  The shape reminds me too much of a bottle.  I have this weird thing about shapes.  It’s why I always order a venti at Starbucks.

Finally, after all the cups and me having visuals of my three year old carrying a bottle around, Tommee Tippee came through yet again and we’ve found the perfect cup.  These must be newer and Target has a hard time keeping them in stock (not that I need am ample amount). I really do love this cup.  It’s easy to clean, he can hold it and no liquid pours out (unless you forget the stopper).   However, he will only chug water out of it, not milk.  Just bought a few more and am thinking of designating a specific cup just for milk.  Who knows!!

After trying all these cups out, I really can’t believe Henry has a preference.  To me they’re all the same, but to him that’s not the case.  I’ve decided to get rid of all the other cups and to stop buying ones I think he’ll like.  Clearly he knows what he wants and I just need to accept it!






5 thoughts on “Sippy Cup Snob

  1. We tested about every kind of sippy there is haha. But more because I can’t STAND when they leak!! Eli is a fan of straw cups, he only used spouts for like the first month or two he was learning to use sippys. I LOVED the Tommee Tippee truly spill proof straw cups. They were seriously spill proof. Until we used them for about 6 months, and then they started leaking just as bad as all the other straw cups we tried. I think it’s because we used them so much that taking them apart and putting them back together caused it to not get as good of a seal or something. Idk. But now our favorites are the Tommee Tippee cups that look like a travel cup. I forget the name.

    Also, with us for milk. I just stopped the bottle and gave him his sippy with milk and that was that. It took him about 3 weeks before he drank as much as he did the bottle, but it was easier for us to just cut it out than to wean from the bottle. He got the hang of it.

    I hope your sippy dilemma gets worked out soon! It can be tricky that’s for sure!

  2. We also went through almost every kind made with my daughter. When Owen came along he did a sippy cup with handles and then wanted one with a straw like Sadie. Not sure what Gibson will want. I have not used Tommee Tippee so will definitely have to try those. I used Dr. Brown bottles with all 3.
    We also did the cold turkey on the bottle.
    I tend to do that with most things. Bottle to sippy cup, paci to no paci and diapers to undies. Seems to work for us. Good luck finding what works for you and your little guy!

  3. I had cabinets and cabinets full of sippy cups when I was getting my son off bottles. We had a lot of luck with Nuk cups. I hate sippy cups they are always leaking and messy. Right now I am phasing them out completely and it feels wonderful, lol.

  4. Like everyone else, I went through many a sippy cup brand before we found one that worked for my son. And of course, my daughter wanted something completely different. And they both went through phases too. We started with Nuks, then migrated to some organicy types, but then they started to like Playtex. Good luck with the transition!

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