Snow Bank Wins…AGAIN


It is any wonder I’m still married.  Clearly my husband is a saint for putting up with and handling my ever so frequent incidents involving the car.  Which, why when I called him yet again today, he wasn’t even surprised nor did he need complete details, he just came home.

While walking to the car this morning, I noticed the woman across the sac leaving.  This trigged me to think, back up slow you hit a car one time and don’t want to do it again.  So, I decided to use two hands to put my seatbelt on, drive with my knee, look backward, crunch (CRAPPP).  While doing all three of those things at once, I got hung up on the snowbank at the end of the driveway. Immediately I tried to do my best drive, reverse, shake of the car, but no such luck.  Then due to my recent fear of carbon monoxide poisoning, I ran in the house and called Ben.  He was far from shocked and just responded with, I’ll be there in 10.  I’d also like to add, my neighbors aren’t even shocked by this.  I saw one kid look out the window and then just walk away.  He probably went and told his mom the crazy lady was stuck again.

You’re probably wondering why my husband has no shock factor when it comes to my driving or backing up.  Well this isn’t my first rodeo.  In my 10 years of driving I’ve managed to hang my car up on the garage twice, ruined a garage door, hit the snowbank at the end of our driveway twice and hit a parked car in the sac.  Now, let me explain myself before you second guess ever getting in the passenger seat with me.

The first time I hung my car up on the garage, I was driving this HUGE 1987 Caprice Classic and I was supposed to park on the side of the garage with the least amount of space.  I managed to make it in the garage just fine, it was getting out that became the problem.  After the incident, I got promoted to moms parking spot.  The second time I hung my car up, I was sleep deprived and had a screaming newborn in the backseat.  Henry wasn’t harmed, just the side of my car and garage frame.  Both snowbank incidents were pure not paying attention.  Our driveway is on a weird angle.  I blame the builder.  I take ZERO blame in hitting the parked car in our sac.  Who parks perpendicular to a cul du sac at the end of someone else’s driveway?  They were asking to get hit, which is probably why the guy didn’t even care.  Lastly, the garage door was the worst and most likely the maddest Ben has gotten over my driving incidents.  I may have closed the garage door on my car, twice, and it resulted in a new door.  The first time, the door was salvageable, but not the second time. There is now the word STOP on the shelving unit in the garage so I pull forward just enough to never close the door on my car again.  I still watch it close every time though! He refuses to let me submit to insurance to fix the damage to my car.  It’s mostly why I got a job this year (ha)! 

Needless to say, after this morning, Ben wasn’t remotely happy about pushing my car off the bank, but I don’t think he’ll be taking my license away anytime soon.  He insists I attend driving school.


5 thoughts on “Snow Bank Wins…AGAIN

    • I live in the south so driving in the snow is foreign to me. I did drive my grandmother’s van once when visiting her in Indiana. She lives in the country and so you couldn’t tell where the road, ditch and fields were. All one level, non plowed, sheet of white! One of the most terrifying driving experiences of my life. Knew for sure I was going to strand us in a ditch with the baby in the car and we would all freeze to death!

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