The Death of the Tooth Fairy


She has to be dead.  Her and the Sandman got into it, and he buried her under mounds of sand. This is the ONLY explanation I can come up with as to why she hasn’t arrived.  What other reason could there be?  Henry’s cute, funny, lovable and until recently was a happy go with the flow baby. That was UNTIL four of his teeth decided they needed to come in at ONCE.  Now, he’s borderline bipolar (so is his mother).

Last Thursday he was kind of a grouch in the afternoon for Carol, screamed most of the way home, then fell asleep five minutes before pulling in the garage and proceeded to throw tantrums until we gave in and put him to bed around 6pm.  Upon waking up on Friday one of four teeth had made it’s grand entrance and from the dried blood stain on his gums, I’m guessing that’s why his alter ego Hank was hanging out on Stormy Drive.IMG_7834

This trend has kept up ever since.  It’s mostly at night, maybe because he doesn’t like his parents anymore?  From the time we get home until we give in and put him to bed, the kid is a grouch monster.  On Saturday he slept at Grammy and GRANDPA’s and they didn’t even have the magic cure.  Sunday when he got home you would’ve thought someone was stabbing him.  After a nap, he was happy for maybe 20 minutes.  Then it was on and off fussing.  Didn’t even eat dinner. Last night he fell asleep on the way home.  We sat in the garage for at least 20 minutes.  At one point I considered carrying his entire seat in the house.IMG_7848

Luckily he woke up, grouchy as ever.  Barely ate dinner and off to bed bright and early.  In turn this meant he was up bright and early, but just wanted to snuggle after his bottle.  He was in full on meltdown as Ben carried him out of the house this morning.

Tooth Fairy, if you’re out there and not locked in a closet or covered in sand PLEASE come to our house.  It’s this cute grey two story located in Kansasville.  If you’re unsure, ask Santa.  He came for Christmas, so he definitely knows where we live.


4 thoughts on “The Death of the Tooth Fairy

  1. Oh teething is the worst. When my son was teething there was no cure except the tooth eventually breaking through. I feel your pain, I hope that tooth shows up soon.

    • His first two teeth showed up without us even noticing. Someone else pointed the one out to us. The top teeth have other plans for making their entrance! I’m officially becoming an advocate for babies being born with teeth!

  2. Over from our SITS tribe.

    Henry is a cutie! Teething is so very hard. My older 2 nothing worked, like Julia, except for them to break on through. Hope they pop through soon so sleep and happy baby can show back up!

  3. Ugh. I feel your pain. I feel like he’s crabbier now after the first one broke through which leads me to believe there are multiples on the way. Can’t they just all cut at once?!

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