13 Years


Thirteen years ago today, my grandfather died.  It is still the most horrible day I have experienced in life thus far.  Eleven years ago, I gave the sermon in church about how God had impacted my life. It was said to have been an Oprah moment because after the first service they went around and put kleenex boxes in the pews.  Today, for the first time in thirteen years, I’m spending the day being happy for what I have and remembering the greatest man to ever be a part of my life.  Hank Soetenga, you  have taught me more about faith, hope and love in the last thirteen years than I could ever have imagined.  I will always love you.








Below is the sermon I gave in church that faithful Sunday.  This is something that has never been shared this with anyone before, besides the people in the pews that day.  Thirteen has become kind of a special number to me, so I felt today was finally the perfect day to open up and let others see the one thing that will continue to fill me with a million emotions.  I’ve come a long way since writing it and find my heart still heavy reading it.  The greatness that has become of my life since then is truly a blessing.



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