Five on Friday


Linking up for my first ever Five on Friday, thanks to the suggestion from my girlfriend over at No Drama Little Mama.  Each Friday I’ll be bringing you five random things from my week or five things I was thankful for that week.  Mostly, I’m excited how it is going to make me focus more on my weeks and what’s going on around me.


Started coming down with a cold bug/ear infection on Monday.  Thanks to Modern Medicine I feel like a champ today.


Sunday I’m hosting 9 friends for a Tastefully Simple Freezer Workshop.  Looking forward to new meals and an afternoon of fun with my girlfriends.


Henry’s been working on his four top teeth for the last few weeks.  FINALLY, one popped through yesterday.  I sang from the rooftops.  Now let’s hope the other three make a quick and painless entry.  Teething may be the demise of both Henry and I.


What was life like before Pinterest?  Life was most likely boring and too much money was spent on Better Homes and Garden magazines.  The worst part is there’s too many ideas and then your brain is going in 800 different directions.


This weekend I’m getting together with Carol and her daughter to do some crafting.  I have a new found love for crafting and even though I’m not the greatest, I still enjoy doing it.  Last time we did this, it was a day/evening full of laughter and fun.  Definitely looking forward to making some things for Henry’s party.

Stop over at The Good Life and check in for a little Five on Friday of your own.


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2 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Yay! I love 5 on Friday! So much fun!

    1. Glad you’re feeling better.

    3. I hope those teeth come in quick and painlessly. I hate teething.

    4. Pinterest is awesome. Wanna know something fun? You can actually just follow better homes and gardens on Pinterest. Boom.

    5. Have fun crafting! I’m looking forward to taking up cross stitching when I get back from vacation.

  2. What a fun link up. I always felt like once the first tooth came through that the others came in easier. I don’t know how I cooked or planned meals before Pinterest.

    Also stopping by to say Hi! I’m Julia from your SITS Tribe. Looking forward to getting to know you better this week.

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