Month 10


Tonight I cried while rocking my sweet eleven month old little boy to bed.  Instead of putting him straight to bed and rushing downstairs to reheat my already cold dinner, like I normally do on Mondays when it’s just the two of us, I took the time to cherish the moment.

Today I realized that my baby is more a toddler now than the tiny boy we bought home just a short time ago.  He’s growing up faster than I could ever imagine.  How is it that a year went so fast yet simultaneously slow?  Yesterday a friend pointed out that my baby shower was exactly one year ago.  All of it is so surreal.  Living in this moment of fast paced everyday life.

So, here I sit on my couch listening to snoring through the baby monitor and realizing how we’ve come so far from those days of sleepless nights and tears.

Month ten proved to be yet another fun one, but more hectic.  We celebrated the holidays, went out of town a few times, had snow, cold and sick days, all while tackling new tricks.

Ben, Grammy and I shared in taking care of Henry during a long week of fevers and his first ear infection.  He did really well with his medicine and that really seemed to do the trick.  Of course it’s the season of germs so stuff like this is expected.  We only hope in a few years he’ll have a solid immune system.

Another first this month was nixing formula and going straight to soy milk.  We are three days in to just plain soy milk and he’s doing great.  At daycare he still gets formula as she has a can to finish, but our transition will be complete soon enough.

Along the milestone track, Henry has completely given up the army crawl and cruises around on all fours.  He’s not lightening fast (yet), but when he sees something that he wants, he goes after it.  Then if said object is taken away or he can’t reach, the squeal comes out and boy does he get mad.  From day one we’ve always said he knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to tell you.

Walking still isn’t too far around the corner.  He does great assisted and holding on to things, but he gets these looks of panic when he lets go for one minute.

We also found this month he became more vocal with showing his wants and needs.  When hurt he will cry and say mama (melts my heart every time).  We’ve started trying sign language, but he’s quite the arm flapper so none of it really makes sense yet.  He’s getting better at shaking his head yes and no at appropriate times instead of just doing it because the motion is fun.  Hugs and on demand kisses are shown with more affection.  There’s that lightbulb going on in his head when it happens too.  This goes with reaching for you when he wants you and showing more emotion all together.

I also found myself saying “you need a cage” a lot this month.  Carol even commented that Henry learned to become extra busy over Christmas break.  This couldn’t be more true.  The kid is into EVERYTHING.  Someone told me this wasn’t possible because he was too little.  Let me tell you, it’s possible.  He’s inquisitive about everything and wants to explore all there is.  Playing with toys happens to be a great time, but an even more fun time is playing with things he isn’t supposed too.  While I haven’t broke down and bought the cage yet, the possibility is still out there.

Lastly, this month we had the first of many toddler wrecks to come.  Between trying to figure out the transition between the couch and table, undershooting the reach when trying to stand up or that incident with the coyote at Grammy’s, he had many bumps and bruises.  None of this bothers me as I know it’s part of having a little one.  Plus he’s a boy and his father’s son, he’s bound to get hurt!



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