#ZOOCREW2014, the first 12 days


I’m so excited to be bringing you my first of many posts this year documenting my picture a day series. Since the first week was only a few days, I decided to highlight the first twelve days.  From here on out, I plan on doing one week at a time.

DAY 1: We rang in the new year with a last minute dinner reservation at Jose’s Blue Sombrero and some bar hopping with two of our absolute favorite people.

DAY 2: Thanks to Mother Nature the first day back after break we were granted a snow day.  Like any good mother, I sent my child to daycare and laid in bed ALL DAY LONG.  I ate all my meals there, surfed the web, watched pointless TV, napped and even set an alarm to go pick up Henry.  It was AWESOME

DAY 3: Sending some much needed love to my sweet sweet grandma

DAY 4: Spaghetti was a complete messy hit.

DAY 5: After the Packers beat the Bears we spur of the moment decided to head to their game against the 49ers, just the two of us.  It was a bitter cold day, but well worth it.  We had a great time.  Any adult time with just the two of us is well worth it in my book.

DAY 6: Another cold day and the power goes out.  You can read all about my dramatic events.

DAY 7: Another cold day and two mommas couldn’t stay being cooped up anymore.  We got sitters and headed to IKEA.  Clearly it was a successful adventure.

DAY 8: After two cold days, it was time to head back to work, even thought it was still FREEZING out.

DAY 9: Judged the all school Spelling Bee at Grant.  Had so much fun doing it.

DAY 10: Ben made us an amazing dinner, Italian Wonderpot

DAY 11: The Softball Wives got together for a yummy lunch.  It was a LONG time coming

DAY 12: Ended our week with lunch at my parents and some afternoon snuggle with my favorite boy


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