When I think about how I spent the last year of my life, I can’t even begin to process how much has happened or changed.  We started off as a family of five, me unemployed spending my days with the dog, to now a family of four chasing an almost toddler around.

It’s hard to think that life has had it’s share of ups and downs this year, but for us it has truly been a year of highs.  Since Henry has come into our life we’ve been beyond blessed with the joy he brings us every second of the day.

Starting another new job was hard on trop of trying to juggle motherhood and life in general.  So far, we’re surviving, though some days are much harder than others.  I am beyond blessed to work with a nice group of people, have a supportive husband and a daycare provider whom Henry loves more than his parents.

Besides a new job and a baby, we’ve made new friends, traveled, watched friends get married and more babies me born,  learned so much, found new loves, focused on the important things and tried to just let it be.

Ben and I discussed our goals for the new year this past weekend and mine was to truly find something that makes me happy.  It is no lie that I don’t love my career, but I need to either find that love and passion that I once had or find a career that makes me happy.  While I know that I’m not meant to be a stay at home mom, I know being a happy mom makes me a great mom.  Personal and professional happiness are my focus for the year.  Do something for my self on a regular basis, spend time with the people who truly matter in my life, let go of the little things, and find what makes me happy.  I’ve always said that the roads I’ve traveled have been put there for a reason.  While that will continue to happen, I need to remember that I can have a say in how/where those roads continue to lead me.  Settling for what I think makes me happy doesn’t work now that I’m a mom.  Showing Henry pure happiness is beyond important to me.  I know it will help shape who he is.

I know that 2014 is going to be tough, but I truly hope that through the toughest parts we can overcome the sadness and adversity to remember the happiness that life brings us.  Our families continue to ride the roller coaster of life and lately it has proven to be more rocky than in the past.  We lean on each other to make it through and my husband truly keeps me afloat.

While the next year has proven to be difficult already, I’m looking forward to the vacations we have planned, warmer weather,  eating healthier, being active, new traditions and a whole lot of picture taking.  While stealing the idea from a fellow blogger (Mixandmatchmama), I’ve decided to document each day of the year via Instagram.  By doing so, not only do I think it will help me to remember how awesome of a year we had, but it will help me to focus on the happiness that each day brings, even when it seems impossible.  If you’re not already, get on the Instragram train and follow my new series #zoocrew2014.

Here’s to a year of faith, hope and the greatest of all, love.

A look back at our year


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