Why Month Nine Is (Was) My Favorite


I cried a little inside this week when my not so little boy turned 10 months.  He’s getting further away from being an infant and growing into a big boy everyday.  (Disclosure: this does not mean I’m dying to have another).  It has caused me to reflect a lot and I’ve since concluded that month nine was my absolute favorite.

Growing up, I babysat a lot and I remember how fun the babies were to play with when they were eight or nine months old.  Playing with babies I would always say that was their age as well.  Now that I’m a mom, I still feel the same way.  We had SO much fun watching Henry grow this month.

Up until now Henry hasn’t been truly mobile and while he’s had a voice he hadn’t put anything together.  All that changed in a short amount of time.

This last month, Henry showed us how fun it really is to be a parent.  I truly loved month nine because:

– Everything is hilarious.  Henry laughs all the time and at everything.  The dog, TV, a leaf, his dad, my face, the door, anything and the kid will just laugh randomly.

– He continues to be more inquisitive which has in turn lead him to try new things

– We have learned to be quick on our toes.  Even though Henry is in to EVERYTHING (he may be getting a cage for Christmas) it is so much fun.  The dog too has learned to be quick on his toes because Henry is a very fast army crawler and likes to chase him

– We swear he says normal words

– The look on his face when he discovers something new is priceless

– We’ve completely rid our house of baby food and everyone is completely happy about it.

– Dairy was introduced this month and though raw dairy hasn’t been successful, cooked dairy has.  We’re avoiding yogurt and cows milk, everything else is safe to try.  Henry now eats mostly everything we do. Though I ended up with vomit on me three times, had to clean up multiple puke stains, and gagged along the way, it’s good to know what steps to take next.

– He LOVES to try and walk.  We laugh at this because he’s probably cried more trying to walk then he has his whole life.  The faces, awkward positions, all of it hilarious.

– Sleep is still amazing even though we had a few sleepless nights thanks to growth spurts.

– We’re working on transitioning from the bottle and it’s a slow but steady process.

– When you tell Henry ‘no’ he smiles, then does it anyway.

– A haircut made him look a little more grown up

– Even though he can’t talk yet, he’s not completely to the point of freaking out when he can’t express how he feels.  Which is probably why he still thinks everything is funny.

– He will scream if you take something away from him, but he’s still easily distracted that it doesn’t last long

– He plays, reads books, climbs, and interacts now more than ever

– Snuggles have returned! He does’t mind sitting down on your lap for a few minutes or laying his head on your shoulder.  Melts my heart every time.

This little boy continues to complete our life and this month proved that parenthood truly is awesome.  We know things are going to get more chaotic as he learns to walk, finds his voice, and learns new tricks by the day.  Somedays we are exhausted and getting things done isn’t as easy as it was months ago.  None of that matters.  The laughter and smiles shine through and remind us how truly blessed this little boy has made our lives.

A few (more than a few) pictures of the last month.

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