Why Series


In an effort to force myself to blog more, stop being so damn soap boxy, reflect more and actually relax for once, I’m going to be doing a ‘Why Series.’  The idea came to me after multiple people have questioned why I do certain things.  We all know that I’d love to have some long drawn out answer as any true Soetenga would, but I decided to save those for here.  So far I have a list of about 6-10 things that I could go on and on about.  As I want to make them purposeful, not so much of a rant and slightly helpful, I may need to narrow that list down a lot. We all know that I can go on and on for hours.  Just ask my husband!  I truly hope you find this “series” enlightening and don’t hate my judgmental opinions in the process.  If so, I apologize in advance.  It’s in my blood and in 26 years of life I haven’t quite figured out how to turn that filter off.

With that, I’d like to dedicate my next post to the man who keeps me warm at night.


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