Time Got Away


It’s been about a month since my last blog, my organization in 31 days epically failed, I’m partially sleep deprived, busier than usual and will just be a zombie until Christmas.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, how can you be THAT busy, you’re a librarian.  Correct, I am a librarian, I have zero papers to grade, no tests to make and more prep time than most  teachers imagine.  However, I’m a librarian at two schools.  Which means 600 students (I may know 100 names in all), 4 budgets all due in the next three weeks, a Battle of the Books coach, Safety Patrol supervisor and so much more.  School keeps me on my toes.  With teaching three classes a day, I still have to prepare lessons, plus learn the world of a library as I go.

Besides school keeping me on my toes, there’s this little 8 month bundle of joy, husband and dog who keep me going as well.  I’ll be sure to update all of Henry’s new tricks and why I’m a zombie in my next post.

We also celebrate 15 birthdays between September and January on top of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Plus there’s the ever important me time, family time and date nights.

Honestly, I’d be lost without my iCal.  It’s fun to be busy because there’s always something to expect, but at the same time, can’t a girl just breathe for 5 minutes?!!

Usually around this time of year I  start planning a vacation.  Note to self, do so now!!



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