31 Days, Days 7-11: Budgets and Books



Well, I had to turn the gears on home organization as my school life became extremely busy, in turn needing a little organization itself.  Back in August when I accepted this Librarian (at two schools) position, I was given a number of tasks for the near future.  Well the near future has come and I’m FREAKING out.  It was just two weeks ago when I said I had far too much time on my hands during the day.  Now I’m eating those words.  Just this morning I wished for more time in a work day.  Seriously, who says that?!?!  Rewind to last week.  Most of my organization was spent on budgets and ordering books, two things I know nothing about.  Hence needing more time.

When it comes to the ‘b’ word (budgets) I can teach them and help someone set them up, but I cannot follow one for the life of me.  This is fine and dandy in my personal life (actually not, but that’s another story), but with work you have to stick to the number.  Also, you have to spend every last penny.  If you don’t it goes into some imaginary fund and you never see it again.  The worst part is, I have TWO budgets at each school; a book budget and a technology budget.  It’s only October, I don’t know the needs of the schools yet.  Can’t these people give a girl some time??  They did, it’s called a deadline and all money  must be spent by said date.

Luckily, I was able to have some much needed assistance in laying out the numbers early last week.  Then on Thursday, I attended a book buying fair (librarians do all sorts of fun things) which allowed me to learn the process a little better.  In the end, I’ve never looked at more numbers and had more nightmares about books.  Though, all the time I’ve spent organizing is really making a difference in getting the whole process done faster.

31 dayss


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