31 Days, Day 13: Master Bathroom


Another dreaded day of organizing.  It’s only dreaded because of the space that is being organized.  The ones that should’ve been tackled a LONG time ago, but I just pushed it aside letting more and more stuff pile up.  Today (Sunday) this happened to be the space underneath our bathroom sink.

It has been said that I could open a Walgreen’s under that sink.  Besides food hoarding, I may also love to hoard cosmetics, hair supplies, vitamins, face wash and nail polish.  Giuliana Rancic and I should put our hoarding abilities to good use!!  All of this hoarding I blame on Walgreen’s itself.  That place sucks  you in.  It’s like Target.  You can spend hours there before you’ve realized how much time has truly passed.  This all might go bak to my shopping problem, but again that’s not something we need to address at the moment.

Before starting the project, this is what our sink looked like.  I couldn’t use the flash, it made things TOO real.  After all this organization I feel some people will have to rethink their friendships with me knowing how I “used to live.”  Quite honestly it’s very embarrassing, but I’ve accepted it and we’re moving on.


IMG_5653 IMG_5654

See all that nail polish…YIKES!!  Though I will add I’ve proudly used every color in there.

After two huge bags of garbage, some fancy new organization bins from Bed Bath & Beyond, I can proudly say this is what my bathroom now looks like.

IMG_5656 IMG_5657

Between the expired food in the pantry and expired medicine under the sink I’m lucky Ben didn’t kick the bucket!!


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