31 Days, Day 5: I Command You


I have A LOT OF STUFF, important stuff too.  That’s the bottom line.  With all this important stuff, I need to find room so it not only looks like I’m a hoarder, but to in turn make room for more important stuff.  Starting this challenge the one area I was truly dreading on working on was Tornado Allie (also know as my closet).  I could spend HOURS organizing that dang thing and it would be a mess two days later.  This time I figured if I took baby steps possibly it wouldn’t always look so awful.  This is where the wonderful Command Strip invention came in mighty handy.  Lately, we’ve used these things everywhere.  They hold HD’s bibs in his cabinet and the velcro holds pictures on our walls.  I have an abundance of scarves just laying around my closet floor.  Thanks to Command, they are now in a new happy home.

IMG_5364 IMG_5365 IMG_5366

Took all of five minutes and cost less than $5.  An EXTREMELY easy fix!!

Then, I took magazines and made my boots stand up (sort of).  Needs a little more work and I may just invest in real boot stands, but for now it’s better than the pile that they were.


31 dayss


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