31 Days, Day 2: Lists Galore


I realized that I jumped into this organization goal without thinking much it.  As I started to think what I was going to organize on day two, my mind went completely blank.  What was I thinking.  Sure there was plenty to organize, 1,800 square feet, but tackling it was a whole other task.  Thanks to modern technology and the world of Pinterest, I was able to gather a ton of amazing ideas.  Along with my ideas came a supply list a mile long.  Hopueflly this weekend I will be able to get some of these supplies and make the most of the space we have.  I also broke down each area as to what I wanted to do.


Baskets for food and snacks
Can holders
Pack away water glasses??

Back Closet:
Separate cleaning tools and cooking essentials
Find new home for clothes

Laundry Room:
Clean out cabinet

Under sink
Utensil Junk drawer
Eliminate counter clutter
Spice cabinet

Front Closet:
Tiddy Up

HD’s Room:
Closet storage

Ben’s Closet:

Guest Bathroom:
Under sink
Closet storage

Our Room:
Tornado Allie
Jewerly Hanger
Bathroom cabinets
Towel space

Christmas decorations

31 dayss


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