You’re Killing Me….


IMG_52774:47am never looked so cute…..

f your child wakes up a millions times a night, don’t read this pitty party post.  You’ll want to slap me for being so dramatic.

Well friends, he’s at it again (or still I should say).  My oh so cute little boy is waking up at the ass crack of dawn.  It hasn’t been after 5am in over a week.  Yesterday we were lucky enough to get  him back to sleep after he had a bottle with a side of meltdown.  I was about ready to have a meltdown with him because 4:45am is not fun. Unless you’re hitting up a Black Thursday/Friday sale or have a super cool job, you shouldn’t have to get up that early.

NO one feels sorry for me as my child has been sleeping through the night for the last four and a half months, but that’s the problem.  We’re spoiled.  For four and a half glorious months we’ve had more than eight hours of blissful sleep.  Then BAM, it hit us like a ton of bricks.  We change his schedule by just a half hour and he’s been torturing us ever since.  Doesn’t matter what time we put him to bed, the kid loves 4:27am squawking sessions.  The other day we left him for over 45 mins and still no sign of going back to bed.  The last two days we gave him a bottle in our bed (which happens every morning), but we turned off the lights, crawled in with him to snuggle.  Guess what?  As soon as the bottle was done he threw it at my head!! Smack dab in the eye.  If that doesn’t say wake up lady, I don’t know what does.  Of course I then give in, turn on the lights, put him on the floor with his toys and hop in the shower.  Maybe I’m being a pushover.

The other conflict comes with the fact that we have to get him up no later than six.  What’s the point in forcing him back to bed when we’ll just have to wake him up in a bit.  Have you ever heard the term don’t wake a sleeping baby?? Nothing like sending a grouchy kid to daycare.  We even sent him in pj’s once this week.  Neither one of us wanted to put forth the effort in getting him dressed.  Daily I apologize to Carol for him being a grouch.  She tells me he’s happy as a clam (a little trouble with napping, but that’s it).  I’ve chalked all this early waking to the fact that he loves Carol’s house and can’t wait to play with his friends.  Possibly she wants a new roommate?!?!?

In essence it’s probably teething, but if this keeps up after those teeth come in, I’m buying a room at the local Baymont.  Ben and I can switch off nights.

IMG_5278That’s not decaf….


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