31 Days, Day 1: Basket Oh Clutter



Let the organizing begin.  Above you see our basket oh clutter.  I used to place important bills here, but now I do everything online.  Then I started placing other “important” things in it.  You can find some random keys, tons of post its, broken pencils, stamps, a million address labels, probably a hair tie or two and who else knows what.  When I had my 31 party I was lucky enough to get a TON of really awesome things.  One of them being this wall organizer.  Low and behold the replacement to the basket oh clutter.  As you can see, there is nothing in it, but our monthly calendar, which I happened to bring from my very organized iCal.  Not only have I created more counter space, Ben hates counter clutter, but I’ve made our family calendar visible.  Instead of constantly nagging Ben about remembering things, I can point him in the direction of the calendar.  Oh and that fun white board is where I plan on seeing love notes every morning from my boys!!

You’re probably wondering what happened to everything in the former basket oh clutter.  I am proud to say it all has a new home, in the office oh clutter.  Baby steps people, baby steps.  I have 30 more days of organizing ahead of me, it’s bound to get tossed sooner or later.

31 dayss


4 thoughts on “31 Days, Day 1: Basket Oh Clutter

    • LOVE IT!! I couldn’t bring myself to buy it before either, but that basket just kept staring at me. So happy I bought it. Luckily I hosted the party so I had a bit of money to use toward the purchase of it. They have different sizes; I went for the medium one.

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