We’ve been bitten.  Not by the love bug, that’s for sure.  The damn FLEA BUG!  Ben informed me after Bernie had his grooming today, that he somehow got fleas.  Many of you know that I’ve had a problem with him running away since Dakota died.  He so badly wants a lady friend or just a friend in general that his whoring around has finally got him in trouble.  Though, I’m not completely convinced it was his naughty running away habit that has made me subconsciously itch all day.  We watched the neighbors dog (along with the guinea pig and rabbit) this weekend and it just so happens now he has fleas.  Not once was he itching, scratching or anything of the like.  Of course, I don’t want to be that neighbor who assumes your dog gave my dog fleas, but I did/am.  With that, I’m so disgusted knowing we’ve been infested.  Our groomer said it was so bad, the water was coming off him red while she was initially bathing him. Poor guy.  They’ve probably been jumping all over me for days! Mother of the year for not noticing.  I feel like the mom of the kid with lice.  Now, we have to bomb our house, which will hopefully kill the problem.  The thought of having to take anymore action makes me want to go to a hotel, but I’d probably get bed bugs there.




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