Let’s Stay Home Together….


I’ve been having a hard time leaving Henry this week.  I assume it is because each day he amazes us with all the fun things he can do.  He’s started feeding himself, talks up a storm and has come to realize the dog is VERY entertaining.  Not to mention the backward crawling and attempting to push himself into the sitting up position when laying down.


Image I LOVE what I do on a daily basis.  Work has been such a breath of fresh air for me. The routine, adult interaction and the world of elementary students has been very welcoming.  Then it’s time to go home and I’m reminded how much I love being a mom too.  Every morning I ask Henry if he wants me to say home with him.  He laughs and then says dada.  Which I guess means nope, I want daddy to take me to Carol’s. Though Ben did point out I can’t say things like that once he starts to comprehend because  when he says yes, we’ll have a very unhappy boy on our hands!!

I get over my sadness as soon as they’re out the door.  We just have so much fun when we get home and in the morning that I don’t want it to end.  I could listen to “machine gun baby” all day long!!

I know he’s having a blast at Carol’s and learning SO much.  There are just those moments  you want to live in forever.  Good thing I take lots of pictures and videos!!Image


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