Good Bye Busy August…Hello Reality


Hello August, where did you go? One word to sum up our August, BUSY!! We had something EVERY weekend and during the week as well. It was crazy and boy am I happy that it’s over with.

August is a month of birthdays in our families so there was a lot of celebrating to be had. We started off the month by surprising mom for her 50th. So happy to finally have pulled the wool over her eyes after 25 years. Kelly got married in the Dells, so that was a weekend away. We then celebrated Brianne, Kaylee and my birthdays in Indiana along with Chelsea’s going away. Henry started daycare. I started work. There were meetings, gatherings, and so much more. It seemed Henry spent more of his weekends with Alice or my parents than he did us. Ideally that’s not how we roll, but there are just certain situations where it has to be that way. Now that August is over, our life is a whole new reality. Thankfully, we aren’t as busy, but as the holidays approach I’m sure it will come.

Instead of being busy with social events, we’re now busy with the life of two working parents and a kid. I’m not going to lie, the first few weeks were hectic. First it was making sure everything for HD was set. He, after all, is most important. Ben and I have been fending for ourselves for some time so we know how long we take to get ready, eating habits and such. Never had we worried about anyone else; until now.

I feel that my transition back to work was easy because I had Henry go to Carol’s the week before I actually started work. This too helped with figuring out how a new system would work for us. It was nice to be able to see how the day would work without actually having to do it. We made sure Carol was set with everything she would need for him so when I did start back to work, I wouldn’t feel stressed. I’d like to add that I only cried once, at the Starbuck’s drive through. After my few seconds of sadness I was over it and knowing how much he loves being there makes life so much easier.

After figuring out how we’d get Henry to and fro everyday, it came the other stuff. Spending time together, cooking, cleaning, having me time, etc. That has been a hard transition, but almost a month in, I’d say we are doing great. Nine months of not working left me pretty lazy because I had the “there’s always tomorrow” mindset. Now, I can’t say that because our days are so busy. What has really helped is knowing that each of us has a job. Ben is on Henry duty each morning. He wakes, dresses, feeds and takes him to Carol’s. Though some mornings I get anxious while he’s in the shower and do it myself. With Ben taking Henry “duty” in the morning I can then have time to myself. I now get up at 5am (my internal alarm clock gets me up earlier sometimes). I do not need an hour and forty minutes to get ready, but I use every last minute I can. Usually I wake up, catch up on texts, emails, and Facebook. After my shower I’ll head downstairs, make myself lunch and breakfast, clean up any dishes from the night before and start prepping dinner. Once I have all that done, I take the last thirty minutes or so to make myself beautiful! Having all this time has made a world of difference for me. Those things I used to do when I get home, but now I’d rather spend that time with Henry. Never in a million years did I think I’d enjoy 5am, but truly you can get a lot done before the sun rises!

After school I pick up the monster, most days, and we head home for mommy and me time. None of you are going to believe this, but I usually don’t turn the TV on until after Henry goes to bed now. We don’t get home until after 4pm and he’s ready for bed by 6:30pm (at the latest) so I have more than enough time to watch TV after that. The two of us will usually play or he’ll help prep dinner. Lately he gets a bowl, spoon, snack and sippy on the floor while I’m working on getting his dinner together along with ours. Dinner was something I wasn’t willing to drop the ball on, I still cook at least 5 days a week. There are some people who feel so stressed when they get home that they don’t have time to cook. For me, I know that there’s a lot to do, but I can spend time with Henry while doing it. In the end he’s going to be a great cook, making someone a great wife someday.

When Ben gets home that’s his time with Henry. They’ll play and such while I finish everything up. He still gives Henry a bath every night and puts him to bed. While they’re doing that I am cleaning up or maybe taking a breather for a minute. Often, I like to spy on them during bath. It is SO cute. Henry’s so in love with his daddy. Watching them interact makes my heart smile.

Ben and I have lot of us time after the monster goes to bed and I’m actually thankful for his early bed time. It’s nice to unwind, talk and just watch TV together without having any other worries. It’s almost like life before baby. This way we don’t need date nights every weekend either!! Man, I really need to bring those monthly dates back. August, really ate up all our time!

My ultimate goal of being a working mom is having my cake and eating it too. I refuse to give up on myself as the woman I was before Henry, but I know the adjustments that need to be made since having him around. Instead of spending my whole weekend doing laundry and cleaning like I used too, I do what I can during the week. Over Labor Day weekend I deep cleaned the house, started folding/putting away laundry right after doing it and silly organization in general. Doing this helped SO much. Now, I plan on doing it once a month. In the mean time, I still get up at 5am on Saturdays (not Sunday, that’s my sleep in day) to get as much done as I possibly can before Henry wakes. Then my whole day can be spent doing fun things with him.

I have not reached my ultimate goal, but life is a whole lot easier with the routine. Soon I hope to be having my entire cake and eating it too, but for now I’m getting it piece by piece. In the end, you really can have it all. You can have family, friends, me time and all the moments in between!! I’m just thankful to have realized it and making it all work for everyone.




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