Ode to Alice


Most of you are probably sick of hearing how much I truly LOVE my babysitter. Although you’ve probably never been in the situation of needing to find good help that you can trust.  It was by chance that we met Alice through care.com and she has been a true blessing since the minute she walked in our door.  Her politeness, care, and fun loving spirit are just a few of the reasons we love having her watch Henry.

I remember the day before she came and texting with April asking her how she ever trusted me, a complete stranger, to watch her children for over five years.  All she told me was to go with my gut and first impressions are everything.  Apparently I had them from hello (not surprising!!).  Luckily I took her advice.  Alice looked great on paper and was even better in real life.  She’s a very sweet loving girl whom truly has won over the heart of our son.

Henry and Alice have spent a lot of time together this summer while we’ve been busy with random things.  Sometimes she’s here for a few hours, other times longer. I’ve called her last minute and she’s had no problem helping me out in a pinch.  I only wish she didn’t have a day job!! She is very great at following our routine and working with him on his new skills.  It was a few times after we met her and I already knew that we needed to keep her around.  Is she to me what I was to the Brunk’s?!?!?

Alice accompanied us to the Dells for Kelly’s wedding weekend and not once did I ever feel apprehensive.  Both Ben and I felt comfortable enough to let her take Henry to the water park, drive around with him and basically do what she pleased.  He of course loved the water and she was sweet enough to post pictures of him having fun.


Ben always gives me a hard time for checking in with her while we’re out, but I think that’s just the mother in me.  It’s not that I don’t trust her, I Just want to make sure all is well.  She’s always great at reassuring my first time mom paranoia.  I have visions of being that mom of the kid who makes the babysitter want to hide in the closet!! We’ve all babysat for those kids and it puts a bad taste in your mouth.

I’ve encouraged many of our friends to look into using a service like care since we’ve had such great success with Alice.  Looking and conducting interviews is the first step, it’s not like you have to leave them with your child straight off the bat.  We had Alice over for dinner and watched her interact with Henry.  When she didn’t bolt out the door after he spit up on her and I yelled at Bernie for running away, I thought why not give it a chance!  As a parent it is so hard to find someone you trust to watch your child.  For us, we knew we wanted to have someone outside of family and weren’t afraid to give a stranger a try.  After all, someone was nice enough to give me a try and I not only got a best friend out of it, I also gained a family.  In a few weeks she’ll go back to college even though I begged her to stay.  She assured me she’d come home to visit us.  It’s great to know that we’ll have her on breaks and next summer when Henry is an even busier little monster.

Oh, and if I didn’t already love her enough, she posted this on IG today with a sweet message….then I cried



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