Six Months….



Can’t believe it’s been six months since our little monster was born.  My oh my how life has changed in that time.  It seems like only yesterday I was crying from lack of sleep and counting the days until we’d get a routine down.

I remember the lactation consultant telling me it would take anywhere from two to six weeks for him to get in sync with me and nursing.  Everyday, for thirty straight days, when he woke up I’d say “you’re (x amount of days) old today.”  I so badly wanted nursing to work and was bound and determined not to give up.  It took many calls to the LC and lots of tears, but we finally got into the groove of things.  At that point I truly enjoyed spending the middle of the night feedings with him, except when growth spurts hit.  I don’t miss those at all.  Nursing around the clock was pure torture.  Ben was great at helping when he could, but really with him working and not having a boob it wasn’t much.  Once we got a routine figured out we then learned Henry had a dairy protein intolerance so life changed yet again.  I cut everything dairy out of my diet, spent more time reading labels that I would’ve liked and turned down countless lunch and dinner dates.  Seeing that the change from no dairy was so positive that I feared eating anything that may have a slight chance of dairy and bringing back that unhappy little boy.  After approximately two and a half months of being dairy free, I decided I could no longer do it.  The whole situation was extremely stressful and I wasn’t enjoying that part of motherhood like I wished I would.  So, on Mother’s Day, I nursed my one day shy of three month old little boy and said good riddance to the dairy free lifestyle.  That Mother’s Day cake never tasted SO delicious!! Giving up nursing was the best thing I ever did as a mother.  I commend the women who stick it out through thick and thin and I hope that with our next child I’ll have better luck, but if not formula is just as great.  When we switched completely to formula a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders.  Ben could help with feedings, I could eat what I wanted and we had an overall much happier/fuller baby.  All three of us are much happier now and probably a lot more social than we were before too!!  Besides eating his three to four eight ounce bottles a day, he also gets two meals of homemade baby food.  His favorites include…EVERYTHING!!  Kid hasn’t tried a food he doesn’t love!!  Not to mention he goes crazy when his sippy and puffs container come out.

Besides eating (which takes up a good majorty of our lives), Henry loves to play and be social.  He has many friends and starting on Monday he will make many more when he starts going to childcare.  I’m lucky enough to have a few friends with kids around the same age as Henry.  It’s great to see them all play and grow up together.  His favorite toys are Sophie the giraffe, a lamaze moose, the jumperoo and Mickey Mouse.  He also is a huge fan of TV (no surprise there) and each morning we watch Today together.  He squeals in excitement when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on, stops dead in his tracks when he hears Blurred Lines and nothing else matters as soon as his daddy walks in the door.  Henry has also been to the Wisconsin Dells, flown on an airplane (or four) and visited the World’s Largest Truck stop.  Like I said, he LOVES being social.

Henry is an overall very healthy little boy.  We still battle spit up and after trying six (you read that right) different formulas, I think we finally found one that helps cut the spit up down a lot.  He also spits up homemade fruits, but not jarred, so when I remember to buy them he gets BeechNut fruit.  Around April Henry started sleeping mostly through the night.  He would wake up once and within minutes was back asleep so one night I just decided I would no longer get up with him.  Since then we’ve been lucky enough to get eleven to fourteen hours of uninterrupted sleep out of him.  A few weeks back he has roseola and we did have a few sleepless nights, but besides that he’s a champion sleeper.  Actually, he loves to nap as well.  Some would say we’re extremely blessed to have such a great sleeper, I tell them it’s in his genes.  His mom loves sleeping as much as she loves watching TV.

As far as milestones go, Henry is an avid roller (to the right) and a very lazy full motion roller.  Everything is on his terms and rolling in full motion takes much more effort than screaming at the said toy that he wants.  Within the last few weeks he has mastered sitting up and I’m convinced he’ll walk before he’ll crawl.  He LOVES to stand and has since day one.  We no longer use the baby tub and ride like a big boy in the shopping cart.  Both those things have been huge for his little life.  He thinks it’s the greatest thing since avocado.  The swing is still a savior if needed.  Best gift ever!  Henry’s also quite the talker.  His favorite word is ‘dada’ which is fitting since Ben is his favorite person.  He loves to talk in general and talks all day long.  I assume he learned how to talk to himself from me.  Pretty soon we will transition to the convertible carseat which will be the happiest day of my life!  That baby carrier is the pain to lug around.  Not sure how moms do it for an entire year.  Their arms have to look great.  Unfortunately (well I guess fortunately) he doesn’t have any teeth, but each night I beg the tooth fairy to make an appearance on Stormy Drive.

Ben and I are lucky enough to be on the same wavelength with our parenting and are always there for one another.  He still makes my heart smile and seeing him with Henry brings me tons of happiness.  He’s aced the husband job, but has blown parenting right out of this world.  I feel like we get each other even more than we did before.  He’s busy working and flipping the investment house so we haven’t had much time for one another lately, but I SO look forward to bringing back monthly date night.  Henry’s babysitter Alice (you can read about her in tomorrows post) will be heading back to school soon which  makes me cry a little inside, but luckily he has great grandparents to help out when we will have our dates.

Each and every morning, Henry wakes with a smile on his face and that’s what I love most about him, his smile.  The littlest things make him smile that big gummy smile.  Like me, he’s also extremely ticklish and his laugh will throw you into stitches yourself.  I love his slobbery open mouthed kisses.  He’s very fond of grabbing my face and just going to town with the slobber any chance he gets.

After six months, I can’t imagine life without Henry.  He is the best thing to ever happen to me and being a mom fits.  I don’t know how the heck I’ll survive without him all day after going back to work in two weeks and trying to run a family at the same time, but like everyone has said I work great under pressure.  Plus, those kisses will be waiting for me everyday at 4pm.  Going back to work is something I’m looking forward too as I miss the hustle and bustle of everyday work week along with routine.  My life needs routine.

We’re by no means in any rush to have another baby (so you can all stop asking).  I’m set with Henry for now and enjoying watching each and everything that has happened so far.  His life has been documented with well over 3000 photos (I’m not exaggerating), that’s well over a picture a day!  In exactly 183 days we’ll celebrate his first year of life.  This six months has flown by, so I know the next six will as well.  It’s my hope to continue to document each moment and cherish all the little things.  Before too long he’ll be packing up for college and I’ll be a blubbering idiot.

HD 6 Months


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