Definite Denial


*Wrote this last week, forgot to post*

The last two days I spent at a Personal Learning Community training for one of the schools I will be working at.  Though I don’t think I gained too much knowledge from the program, it was great to start and get into the swing of things.

When I first found out about this on Thursday, I panicked.  How was one to find a babysitter in such short notice and even process working.  Upon complaining about this to Katie, she was ever so nice to volunteer to spend Monday with HD, while I volunteered Grammy to spend Tuesday with him.

After a busy weekend of throwing mom a birthday party and having company the thought of getting up at 5:30am made me cringe.  I hated it even more when Henry yet again decided to “hang out” at 3:45 in the morning.  Seriously, I don’t want to get up with you nor do you have any reason to be waking up.  Practicing your words is something you do when the sun is up!!  Around 4:30 I gave in and decided a bottle would be the only reason he’d go back to sleep.  My tuning out period couldn’t go on any longer.  It was not soon after when my alarm went off (gross).  With little sleep and little ambition I made my way to the training both days.  Though I never fell asleep, I wanted to do nothing but take a nap.  On Monday after Katie left, I fed HD dinner, sent him with his dad to Grammy’s for a sleepover and just sat in silence.  Boy was I tired.  Seriously, my brain has not functioned in well over eight months, how the hell am I supposed to do this everyday.

It was really nice to meet my principal and make some new friends.  I’m looking forward to the new year, but scared at the same time.  I haven’t worked in forever,  I have no idea how to be a librarian and elementary kids are scary!  It seems within the next few weeks I’ll be doing some trainings and have some people available to point me in the right direction.  In the past you just have your room to worry about along with lesson plans.  Now, I’m in charge of TWO different libraries.  The emails also keep coming and I have no idea what any of this stuff means.  I’ll try not to panic until after my birthday.  Not to mention, my paperwork was lost so I haven’t signed anything yet.  So much to think about in so little time.

Due to having so many changes, I’ve decided it’s time to get serious about routine.  Katie and I had a very strong heart to heart and she made me realize lots that I knew I needed to realize.  It’s so nice to have friends who just lay it out there.  I’ve started back up with using a calendar again (thank you iCal) and am highly considering doing a chore chart for myself.  I cannot believe how anal about things I’ve become in the last few months.  The stupidest things make me batty!!

Anyway, it should be interesting to say the least on how life will pan out in the next few months.  This week was an definite eye opener as to what I need to do without a daily nap!  Hopefully my denial will wear off by then because I’m in no means prepped to take on the work world and mother world all at once!! Thank goodness for weekends!!


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