One Year


Grab a piece of paper and a pen; take five, ten, heck even twenty minutes and ask yourself “how has my life changed in the last year?” Jot down your memories and just live in the moment.  Take those memories and put them someplace you can come back and look at later.  Along the way, ask yourself are you happy with your last year?  Would you do anything different?

For some of you, I think you’ll realize that your past year was truly amazing, but you never actually realized it because life all too often gets the best of us.  For others, you may have too many regrets that surfaced while thinking about your year.  Some of you made new friends, went on new adventures and experienced life to its fullest.  Maybe you lost a loved one, dealt with loneliness and experience moments of utter distress.  If you’re lucky enough you’ve experience it all!  In the end, you had a year of your life and it went on.  Everything that’s happened is probably just a distant memory that you haven’t had time to soak up recently.

You’re probably wondering what has prompted such a thought.  It would be words of wisdom from my amazing husband.  If there’s one thing I love (and hate) about him, it’s his ability to put life into perspective for me.  After being gone for a long weekend I came home and we started having a heart to heart.  This caused us to start talking about how much our life has changed in the past year.  We laughed, I cried, but in the end so much has truly happened to us. Yes, we had a baby, but it’s the little things that you forget about.  We lost a dog, painted our house, refinanced, bought another investment, had health scares from family members, went on vacation (mostly me), spent time apart, and so much more.  The two of us are happier than we’ve ever been, but we know that there is so much more we can work on in our personal lives, our relationship and life in general.  We decided to makes goals for ourselves.  To work harder at these things and see if it’s truly possibly to have pure happiness.  Obviously pure happiness only occurs in a world of peace and love, but there are those people who are so optimistic it’s sickening.  Coming from a severe pessimist married to a severe optimist, we tend to even one another out.  For his goal, he decided to dedicate more time to home.  You start and end your day at home so why not enjoy the little time in between with the people that make you smile the most.  This isn’t saying that my husband is never home, but he juggles a lot of hats at one time.  He’d like to drop a few of those hats and spend more time with the ones that mean that most to him.  For me, I decided to rid myself of bitchy face syndrome, do more good and stop focusing on the negatives in life.

Hopefully you laughed at my need to rid the bitchy face syndrome, but it’s not purposely done.  It’s just there.  Bitchyness just comes across my face even when I’m content.  Mostly unintentional, but sometimes well deserved.  Hubby reminded me that I used to be the most optimistic person he’d ever met, I reminded him I was burned too many times along the way.  Somewhere in there I gained bitchy face syndrome.  Apparently this syndrome makes me difficult to approach and hard to talk too (maybe I like it that way!!) Truly though I need to work better at not dwelling on the little things and being thankful for the here and now.

There are many things to be thankful for in my life.  First off, there’s this little boy who makes my heart smile more than I ever thought possible.  Then there’s this man who lights up my world and makes everything better.  The people I surround myself with, an amazing circle of family, my new mommy friends, old friends and the love/friendship that they all give.

In three weeks our life is going to go up in a tailspin.  There won’t be time to sit and reflect on where life has taken us and where we’re going.  Heck, I probably won’t even know what day it is, but as each day passes I’m finding it more important to just sit and reflect.  Be thankful.  Shed a tear.  Laugh to yourself.  The moments pass to fast, life gets a hold of us and before you know it your newborn is six months old!

Do yourself a favor…reflect.  Find time for yourself everyday.  Be happy. Smile and just breathe!!

           My happiness


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