Work…I forgot what that is


First, I’d like to start by saying thank you for all the lovely anniversary wishes. We spent most of our day apart, but when life slows down a bit we’ll go back and have a good ole date night!! We did celebrate with some good take our

Moving on to what brings my fingers to the board, work. Most of you know that I’ve had what I like to call “extended” maternity leave. Last year when I lost my job, again, we didn’t stress too much about me finding something. With HD coming we were both ok with me staying home. In the end I knew I’d have to choose come fall; work or stay home.

After Henry was born I was ready to go back to work after three weeks. Not because I didn’t love him or hated being a mother, but because I was SO bored. If you have a newborn you know they do nothing but eat, sleep, poop. I’m the type of person who yearns to be busy when they can’t be, but the minute I have free time I refuse to do anything. It’s really backwards!

Well, come spring I kept getting the inevitable question, when are you going back to work? I knew that I wanted to work, but at the same time I’d accepted being a stay at home mom.

One day I got a fire up my ass and applied for a ton of jobs. Some I was qualifies for, others, not so much. I figured if something worked out, great, if not there’s always that “backup” plan.

Weeks went by and I heard nothing. Becoming a permanent stay at home mom seemed like that would end up being my job. Then one day I got a phone call from Wilmot High School.  It was a 90% position and sounded intriguing.  So, one Tuesday I got out my interview dress, did my makeup and made my way to Wilmot.  During the interview I learned a few things about the position that turned me off from wanting to be a part of it.  The main thing was I’d have to be a extracurricular advisor.  With just transitioning back to work, spending my nights and some weekends with students wasn’t really my cup of tea.  By Sunday I recevied a call that I didn’t get the position, but in the end I was really okay with that.  After the interview all the changes that would occur gave me severe anxiety.

Again, days and weeks passed and I heard nothing.  It was becoming more evident again that I would be staying home in the fall.  About three weeks ago while out to lunch with Katie I received a call asking to interview for some elementary Library Media Specialist positions in Kenosha.  For those of you who don’t know, a LMS is the trendy term for librarian.  These days though the roles of librarians have changed.  They’re no longer sporting seasonal sweaters and checking out books.  Through the changing times they are now more in the role of professional development, technology driven and aide teachers in lessons.  I am by no means qualified for the job, but I figured why not just take the interview.  My masters program and the LMS program at Stritch are on the same track and happen to only be a few classes a part.

Going into an interview knowing nothing about the position is extremely nerve wrecking.  Walking into a room of two coordinators and seven principals is even scarier.   After the interview I felt very confident with how things went.  People laughed and in my book that is always a good sign.  Within four hours of my interview I received a call from a principal offering me a position.

Well…….after thirty seconds of thinking about it I accepted.  Yet again I’ll be starting another school year (my fifth one) in a different position, one that I don’t know much about at that!!  Besides the change in position, it will also be a change of scenery.  Never have I been in the elementary setting.  Imagine all those hugs I’m going to get!!  Even more change is happening because I won’t be at just one school, I’ll be at two!!   The schedule that I’ll be following is a rotating one which means one week I’ll be at McKinley Elementary and the next week Grant Elementary.

The BIGGEST change of all will be that I won’t be spending everyday with the monster (by the way, he’s far from a monster, he just likes to eat so we often call him the milk monster).  I never in a million years thought I would’ve contemplated staying home over my career.  For me though, it was never a question about wanting to give up my career.  I never have and never want too.  I just accepted that there were not jobs for me and it would be okay if I had to stay home.

On our anniversary we headed to the house of the people we had spent the day with three years earlier; our wedding photographer.  Carol happens to do in home daycare outside of her love for photography.  My cousin sends her to kids there and we knew even before Henry was born that if the time came, we’d want him to go there as well.  Henry seemed to fall in love with Carol right away and we’re pleased to know he’s going to have such a great time with her daily.

As of right now I have no official start day for school, after all I haven’t even signed a contract yet, but Henry’s first day at Carol’s will be August 19th.  The 26th is the official start for teachers, but we’re unaware if they’ll make me attend new teacher training.  Even if I don’t start work until the 26th, Henry will be going to daycare the entire week before.  It will be a good start to our new transition and give us both time to adjust.

It was brought to my attention that I haven’t told many people about the new position and I decided probably because I’m in denial.  It’s been a LONG time since I’ve worked and many things have happened in that time.  Going back will be a huge change for our entire family. We’ll have to figure out a whole new system to help us function.  When I was working before it was just us and the dogs.  It was okay if one of us would be late and dinner was waiting.  Weekends were used for chores and relaxing.  All that will be revamped.  I’ve highly considered a daily “task” calendar to help me stay on track.

There probably will be tears, but Ben is lucky enough to do drop off, making things easier on me.  It will be exactly six months and six days that I’ve spent with Henry on his first day of day care.  Looking back, I feel it may have been easier when I was sleep deprived and he didn’t give me slobbery open mouth kisses!!  Good thing those kisses will be waiting for me when I pick him up!!

Besides work, I’ll probably end up going back to school come fall.  When I was younger I said I wanted to be a professional student and it seems each school year I get that itch to do homework and post to discussion boards!  It makes complete sense to get my Library Media Specialist certificate because it’s only four classes and I also want to become a Social Media Specialist (no one will be surprised by this).  I’ve spent six months being a damn good mother and only taking time here and there for myself.  It’s my hopes to now continue to be a damn good mother, but also do more for myself.  Make that divide between motherhood and Alliehood.

Here’s to new changes and continuing to kick ass at motherhood along the way!!


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