Dear Tooth Fairy


As a kid you couldn’t wait to get a loose tooth, yank that sucker out,  and put it under your pillow in the hopes of money upon waking up in the morning.  Well, as a parent, you hope for that same tooth fairy to come and grace you child with teeth.  Teething has got to be the worst, most drawn out part of parenting.  Why the hell is it taking so long for these teeth to pop through?  He’s clearly teething.  The drool, increased spit up, extreme crankiness, sleep disruption and still NOTHING.  When we saw the pediatrician in June she was convinced with his inflamed gums that his teeth would start popping up soon.  A month later and there’s no sign.

So, Mr. Tooth Fairy, if you’re reading this, make a visit to Stormy Drive and grace my sweet boy with a tooth or two.  His mother and father would greatly appreciate this gift!!

Yours truly



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