4 (almost 5) Months, a Plane Ride and SO Much More


Where has time gone?  Pretty sure I start each post out like this since Henry has been born.  I’ve recently decided that I will push to blog once a week because there really is so much happening in the life of the little monster and his parents.

On Saturday, Henry will be 5 months old!  Can you believe it? That means I have exactly 7 months to plan his Olympic themed birthday party.

Tonight while we were doing bath Ben and I started talking about how much he has changed.  Our little boy is not so little anymore and growing more and more by the day.  He’s well over 17 pounds, wears some 6-9 month clothes and is teething!  Seems like just yesterday he had his days and nights mixed up!  Here’s a little update as to how things have been going the past few months.

Henry started sleeping twelve solid hours about two months ago and life couldn’t be better.  I don’t really remember those sleepless nights, but I sure am thankful I don’t have to relive them anytime soon (knock on wood!!).  Everyone jokes that we don’t have a real baby because he rarely cries, adapts super well and is happy 99% of the time.  The pediatrician told me to be thankful because we’re truly blessed.  Now, lets be honest, our next kid will truly be a monster. 

In June, my mom and I took Henry to Steamboat to spend time with the Brunks.  It was funny to me because I thought the whole time it would be a piece of cake until I started packing.  Then I realized that babies need EVERYTHING and you can’t take the kitchen sink on an airplane.  Thankfully, April was nice enough to purchase him a pack n play as this wouldn’t be our last visit and he can sleep in it for awhile.  I used my super mom powers and managed to pack for BOTH of us in ONE suitcase for 7 days, six nights.  For those of you who have traveled with me before, know that this is quite the accomplishment for myself. 

Henry did awesome on the airplane rides (there were 4 total), he’s a natural.  We only had one meltdown on the way home, but in his defense I’d cry too if I was sleeping and woke myself up by pooping.  I should point out to those of you who have never traveled with children before, there is absolutely no place to change a baby on a plane.  The man in our aisle was nice enough to stand while we did a quick change.  The second time, we just put Henry on moms lap.  Yes, he pooped twice on the flight back, lucky us.  Aside from the traveling, Henry loved Steamboat.  He will probably tell you that it was his favorite place to visit so far, until we take him to Disney that is.  We ate, relaxed and laughed a lot.  Henry was also lucky enough to have a nine year old devote all her attention to him the whole time.

Henry and I haven’t been up to much since we got home from Colorado.  There have been play dates with our favorite mommy friends, lots of playing in general, walks and the occasional family gathering.

We hired a babysitter, she’s amazing.  I found her on care.com and I couldn’t be happier.  She’s 19 and we use her as needed.  Henry absolutely loves her and we feel very comfortable leaving her with our precious cargo.  Now that our schedules are getting busier, we’ll probably start seeing her once a week.  She’s even accompanying us to a wedding in the Dells.

Around the end of April, Henry decided to roll over.  Once for me and then about three weeks later he did it for Ben.  Then, nothing.  We called him a lazy roller.  We knew that he’d do it every once and awhile, but it was never consistent.  That changed last week.  Rolling over was cute the first few times, now there’s no turning back.  We will never sit still again.  Last night I told Ben after rolling comes crawling.  Time to baby proof!!

For dinner we’ve consistently started doing solids.  So far he loves avocados, sweet potatoes and peas.  This week we’ll try zucchini and squash.  He’s a champ with the spoon and sometimes I find myself defrosting more cubes because he’s still hungry.  By next week I want to start doing solids for lunch and dinner.  Making baby food has turned out to be very fun and therapeutic. 

Spitting up is still there and I still hate it.  I’m working on getting him to sit up and with that I hope spitting up will stop.  Apparently it peaks at four months, so maybe next week it will completely vanish.  Soy formula is gross when spit up, but add some solids in there and you want to vomit yourself. 

What else….he has quite the personality, holds his own bottle and is a master droller.  Loves to flirt with everyone, including his parents and is a jabber mouth.  He’s not the type to cry when he wakes up in the morning.  He’d rather sit and talk to the ceiling for awhile before making the “get me out of here” squeal. 

We had Henry baptized on Father’s day.  It was a very nice special day for everyone.

I think that’s it for the monster.  As for his parents, we are ever so busy.  In May we purchased a second investment home and Ben has been spending all his extra time getting it renovated.  Our hope is to have it completed in August and sold shortly after.  I’m still chugging along as a house wife, but there’s hopes of employment on the horizon (that’s for another blog)!  July will fill my time with family gatherings, showers, bachelorette party, camp and mom dates.  August brings birthdays and weddings.  We all know how much I LOVE those two things.  

Bernie is still a happy brother besides when he wants to run away to make dog friends.  I’m really pushing for a puppy, but Ben said a baby is enough!

Well, I suppose I should sleep.  I’m trying to be more productive in general and not spend my baby free moments crushing candy (I know, I know!!)

Hugs and love to all.  You’ll hear from us soon, PROMISE!!


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