Week Thirty Four

Another week down…WOW!!  The painters came to fix their mistakes on Wednesday which meant I spent the day hiding in the basement being lazy!!  At this point, I will take any chance of being lazy that I can.

I have managed to put together three swings/bouncers and a pack n play.  After I put together the first two bouncers I said to Ben, I didn’t even have to get out my toolbox (yes I proudly own one as you never knew what’s going to come along with the hubby is not around) and my child is supposed to sit in here for “fun.”  He of course told me to use Bernie as practice since he’s currently weighing in at 13 pounds.  If you remember from our experience of getting the carseat/stroller, Bernie is not ready to be an actor. Putting the pack n’ play together was harder than three swings/bouncersIt took me well over an hour and I worked up quite the sweat.  You’re probably asking yourself why the heck didn’t Ben help you.  Well, he probably would if I gave him the chance.  The fact is I stay at home all day and things sitting in boxes are very intriguing.  I decided why not tackle this myself, these things come with directions, I’ll be fine.  Nothing has yet to break, but the true test will be when Henry comes.  

Aside from my chore of putting together baby stuff, I also did more baby laundry, (it‘s never ending and he hasn’t even arrived yet!!)  Luckily Julie will be coming over on Tuesday to help me figure out what the heck we have.

Wednesday night Ash and I had our Bachelor date night.  We know the Bachelor is on Mondays, but our schedules didn’t work to watch it then.  If it wasn’t for modern technology (DVR) we wouldn‘t be able to postpone for later dates.  When I got home I started having this pain on the left side of my pelvis.  On the pain scale it was about an 8.  Everything I’ve read about “pains” at this point and how to make them go away didn’t work.  I walked, chugged water, laid down, and every time I moved it got worse.  I wasn’t concerned it was labor, but it was too constant.  The next day was my weekly appointment, so I figured I’d ask her about it then.  Well, I went and she checked me (I‘ll save the details of the cervix check, but I’ll tell you it wasn’t my favorite part seeing as I still had this pain).  Everything looked great and she chalked it up to a baby still growing and my body not.  Nothing you can do, just have to deal with it for now.  She was happy that I asked as some women wouldn’t and it could be labor.  I was also assured that he was definitely going to cook for three to four more weeks.  PHEW!! 

We had our monthly dinner with the Cates on Friday night, which we realized that we’ve been doing for two and a half years.  Time sure does fly.  It’s hard to believe in no time our dinners will go from four adults, one child to four adults three children.  Once the babies are active, dinner should be very interesting.  We really love having our dinners and laughing together.  

Ben had a job out of town for the weekend and the weeks prior I was completely a wreck about my husband leaving me all pregnant and such with a dog while he was two hours away.  I’ll admit I wasn’t the nicest person about the whole situation and did my best to make him feel guilty (sorry B), but after I got checked I felt SO much better about him leaving.  Deep down, I think it helped him feel better too.  

Mom planned a little game night at my house on Saturday nightThere were seven of us total.  We had Napoli’s (YUM), cookie bars, sundaes and played the Logo Game.  Now I’d like to point out yet again that I beat my mom (and everyone else).  Who said watching TV doesn’t pay off????

Early last week my grandpa fell getting the mail and ended up having to have surgery on his ankle.  He’ll be sent to a rehab facility after.  His surgery was very successful and now they’re just waiting for him to get moved.  I‘m glad that all is okay with him and I hope he gets out of rehab soon.  

Ash and I decided to take a trip to IKEA on Monday.  We had to wait for the carpet guy to come (finally having the carpet cleaned) and then it was off we went.  Ash had never been before so I tried my best to brace her for all that is IKEA.  I was really going for these spice racks that I had seen on Pinterest turned into a bookshelves.  Since we had the house repainted Ben is all about new decor which meant I was on a mission to find some.  Unfortunately I found nothing I liked.  Probably the indecisiveness of a pregnant woman.  Ash needed some curtains and having just bought a new house she was up to any of the possibilities that IKEA has to offer.     

Baby is size of a cantaloupe and it sure feels like it

How Far Along: 34 Weeks 6 Days

Maternity Clothes: I packed a good majority of them away.  Maybe a sign I’m ready to be done??

Stretch Marks: No more yet (fingers crossed it stays that way)

Sleep:  It has gotten a lot better.  I figured out the perfect way to arrange my pillows and it seems to do the trick.  Bernie is now the proud owner of a body pillow as it serves me no purpose.   

Best Moment of the Week: Hanging out with Ash.  We rarely get to spend whole days together so it was nice to catch up and have some much needed girl time.

Miss Anything:  Alcohol and tons of it.  I have not really had a huge desire for it this entire time, but now it’s all I think about. 

Movement:  We’re still pretty active though usually just when I’m laying down to sleep at night.  What a gem!! 

Anything Making Your Queasy or Sick: I’m not a huge fan of eating these days.  It seems more like a chore than anything…never thought I’d ever say that

Gender: A boy…Henry or Baby H as I like to call him.

Labor Signs: No real signs, but lots of braxton hicks and other spasms happening on a frequent basis
Belly Button: Popped out, along with the rest of me.

Happy or Moody: Extremely excited and anxious

Looking Forward Too: Game night with the softball wives on Friday!!


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