Weeks Thirty and Thrity One


Week Thirty

Thirty weeks already…holy crap!!  It’s hard to believe there are only 10 weeks left until our little guy makes an appearance.  I told Ben that if it didn‘t feel for real before, it sure does now.  Ten weeks is a huge reality check.  
A few weeks back I found out that my long term sub position at Muskego would be up at Christmas break.  This was definitely a shock to me as I for sure thought I’d be there until the end of the semester.  Stephanie, the woman I was subbing for, got released back to work earlier than expected.  Making the announcement to the kids was really hard.  Surprisingly I didn’t cry, but they were all so sad, begging me to stay.  It’s good to know that we built such great relationships.  
Well, week thirty was our last week together.  It was also the week that I got summoned for jury duty.  Now, I have no problem doing this whole jury duty thing, but it just stinks that it fell upon the last week with my students.  Also, knowing that I have to leave sub plans each day “just in case” is mostly irritating.  Well, I was lucky and only had to go for one half day.  It wasn’t awful.  I dozed off while waiting for them to call us back.  There ended up being no trial, so it was a waste of a day, but so it life.  I did my civic duty and that’s that.  
Back at school, we continued on with our daily routines.  I felt bad pushing the students, but I wanted to end each class with their current chapter so that Stephanie wouldn’t be picking up where I left off.  Needless to say, they were not happy with all the tests and quizzes we had
On the last day, one class had a bunch of treats to “shower” me with love or fatten me up as I’d like to say.  
I will be making a “guest” appearance for the first two days after break for transition purposes.  The kids are beyond thrilled that we’ll get to spend that time together.  
With this week being the last one before Christmas it also meant wrapping of presents (mom helped with this one), shopping, tiddying up and getting ready for some holiday cheer.  I did lose my Christmas spirit this year, so I finally didn’t have a Christmas tree until the 20th and it wasn’t decorated until the 22nd, but at least I had one. 

Saturday we had some errands to run, which ended up with another round of car shopping.  We’ve only had one vehicle for at least 5 years and now with the baby coming I pushed the need for getting a second vehicle.  First, I HATE sharing my car and second I want to be able to leave the baby with Ben and him still to have his freedom to go places.  After a few hours at the car dealership, Ben decided on a truck which we’ll pick up after Christmas.  I’d like to premise that I DESPISE car shopping.  It is pure torture.  Ben looked at so many vehicles and I wanted to scratch my eyes out through the whole process.  At one point I had to start laughing hysterically just so I wouldn’t crack.  When we looked at houses, I‘d say we looked at well over 40 before finding the perfect one.  I of course was the picky one in this process.  Our realtor was great, even when I walked into a house and instantly said heck no.  Car shopping was nothing like house hunting.  I’d house hunt a million times before car shopping.  Ben is to car shopping as I am to house hunting.  So now I know how he must have felt during that process.

Week Thirty One       

Christmas break has finally arrived.  With this comes Christmas Eve at our house, Christmas Day breakfast at my parents and Christmas day at Ben’s parents.  
This year for Christmas Eve we had 12 people for dinner (my parents, grandparents, cousin and her son, David and Melissa, Ben’s grandparents, and us)We had stuffed chicken, elk steaks, corn, salad, wild rice soup and rolls.  Oh and I made some appetizers too!!  For dessert mom brought cheesecakes and carrot cake cupcakes.  All the food was FABULOUS.  We really enjoy having everyone over for Christmas Eve.  It is a quaint occasion and everyone always has such a nice time.
David and I with our grandparents on Christmas Eve

David and I with our parents on Christmas Eve
On Christmas Day, we headed to mom and dad’s for breakfast and presents.  This was a tradition that was started after Ben and I decided to host Christmas Eve.  We don’t exchange presents with my family on Christmas Eve, so mom decided to start hosting breakfast instead.  We really like doing this.  It’s nice to have that family time before we head to Ben’s parents.  
Dad and mom made a great breakfast as always.  AJ was itching to open presents, so we didn’t waste any time.  It’s still great to see a little kid get excited about opening presents on Christmas Day.  Ben and I were very blessed with all the gifts we received this year.  Definitely unnecessary and as we get older we feel the need to not get gifts even more.  Henry even got some gifts and gave a few of his own.  Can’t believe that next year Christmas will be all about him and that he’ll be old enough to hopefully enjoy it.  
 AJ and the tree at my parents
After hanging out at my parents for a bit we made the two minute trip to my inlaws.  It’s so convenient having them live on three houses apart.  Last year we celebrated a Spanish themed Christmas and this year we were celebrating a German themed Christmas.  Chris does a great job researching, making the food and seeing that we have the traditions of that culture.
For gifts this year we drew names and then, to embrace that German tradition, we had to make something for that person. We didn’t know who had us and no ideas were given after we picked names.  It was kind of tough to decide what to make, but in the end it all worked out.  We drew Matt and Aidan.  I am not very “crafty” so Ben made our gifts.  Matt got a set of washers and Aidan got an easel for all his art projects.  He did an awesome job on both projects.  
When it came to opening gifts, each person had to explain why they chose to make their gifts.  Everyone did such an awesome job and came up with great ideas.  Lillian (with the help of her parents) made Ben an outdoor Scrabble set.  Josh, with the help of his wife, made me a Brewer’s blanket.  
My favorite part of Christmas this year was when we all got new stockings!!  Those of you who know me, know that I‘ve been DYING for a Grandma Mather stocking for the past seven years.  Well, Chris decided to start a new tradition this year.  Since the family is starting to grow and Grandma has decided she’s not making anymore stockings, Chris bought us all matching stockings with our names on them.  Pretty sure I jumped up and down at this one.  Henry even got one.  
The food was beyond delicious.  I don’t know what it all was, but it was to die for.  It’s so fun to see the different foods these cultures embrace during their celebrations.  Chris definitely out did herself again.  We haven’t decided what culture we’ll be celebrating next year, but I’m shooting for Italian.   
The appetizers
 Opening our new stockings

A little dance party 
 Uncle Ben and Aidan with the easel

The days following Christmas were relaxing.  I started to put baby stuff away, that took a good three days after washing and organizing.  Friday I had to get up early and head to the doctor for my three hour glucose test.  After fasting for twelve hours, drinking twelve ounces of complete sugar, four vials of blood and three hours later, I wish this test upon no one.  It was HORRIBLE.  I didn‘t to feel awful until thirty minutes after the test was over.  When it hit me, it hit me hard.  I had to stop for food twice on the way home.  For anyone that has experienced this, you know what I’m talking about and for those of you who never will, be thankful for it.  I feel that there has to be some safer way to test if one has gestational diabetes.  
That weekend we had zero plans, which was awesome because it has been a long time since that has happenedOn New Year’s Even Ben had to work and then had ski patrol.  Bernie and I snuggled on the couch, watched some movies and ate lobster stuffed ravioli. Ben was home in time to kiss me and midnight and watch the ball drop.  The perfect ending to the perfect year!!  
One thing that I failed to mention about Christmas week was that my Grandma Soetenga got really sick and ended up in the hospital.  The call from my mom saying you need to start preparing is by far the worst call one can get, especially around the holidays.  It took a lot of strength to not just sit down and cry, though I did have my moment.  Dad went to be with Grandma and she was thrilled to see him.  After a few days of touch and go, she came through and seems to be doing okay now.  She‘s a tough cookie.  It is my dearest hope that she is around long enough to see Henry born and get to be a part of his life.  Though, I know she’s old and life happens, so I’m just going to keep praying really hard everyday.  
How Far Along: 32 Weeks 6 Days.  Week 30 baby was the size of a head of cabbage and week 31 baby was the size of a four navel oranges.

Maternity Clothes: Thank goodness I can start wearing sweats all day.  Clothes are super uncomfortable.  I even had to order a few new tops just to make it through.  

Stretch Marks: Mom seems to think I’m overreacting about my stretchies, that I’m pretty darn lucky, but she’ll definitely agree the belly is extra hairy.  
Sleep:  I hate sleeping.  Actually, I hate sleeping in our bed and love our upstairs couch.  It is the only piece of furniture where I don’t feel squished and/or uncomfortable.
Best Moment of the Week: Lots and lots of family time 

Miss Anything:  Wine and eating without getting full after two bites. 

Movement:  Active is an understatementHe is bound to be an Olympian.  

Anything Making Your Queasy or Sick: Nothing makes me sick, but food is becoming less than appealing.

Gender: A boy…Henry or Baby H as I like to call him.

Labor Signs: No real signs, but lots of braxton hicks and other spasms happening on a frequent basis
Belly Button: Popped out, along with the rest of me.

Happy or Moody: Starting to become slightly exhausted and frustrated with my lack of being able to do as much as I’d like to.  Ben told me to realize being superwoman may have to be on hold for awhile. 

Looking Forward Too:  Getting everything in order for baby to come


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