Since I’ve Been Pregnant…


 With a mere 50 days left to go, I cannot believe how much has come and gone since becoming pregnant.  Here are a few of those things (sort of a reflection thus far)

In 32 Weeks 6 Days:

– I’ve learned the art of managing my time better, though some may disagree
– My husband has become even greater than he already was
– We went from a two dog household to a one dog household
– Watched my best friend get married
– Went on an airplane 3 times…probably the last 3 times for awhile
– Learned to appreciate my family and in laws more
– Changed my mind a 100 times or more
– Tried to become “crafty” it hasn’t completely failed yet
– Started a new job and ended that same job
– Bought another vehicle…finally don’t have to share mine anymore
– Read books to relax
– Called old friends
– Cried (a lot), laughed (even more)
– Continued monthly traditions
– Ate…A LOT
– Saw my best friend make her dreams come true
– Celebrated new life
– Became a neurotic planner
– Learned a lot about myself
– Been surprised, scared, let down and lifted up
– Turned 25…that’s just strange to think of
– Matured professionally
– Discovered new passions
-And SO much more!!

In 7 Weeks and 1 Day:

– Life will change forever and I couldn’t be happier and more excited for this new adventure

When I originally started this blog, it was for me to chronicle pregnancy and looking back at my posts, I realized I’ve drifted away from pregnancy and more toward what is going on with my personal life.  In essence pregnancy and my daily life go hand in hand.  With the lucky experience I’ve had with pregnancy it’s also hard to continue to brag about it and or write the same thing each.  I hope all of my readers have continued reading about my life as a pregnant woman and soon my life as a mom.  As the weeks past, life is only going to get more exciting, even the hard parts will be exciting.  Can’t wait to see what it yet to come.


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