Week Twenty….It’s a very long post!!


Well, the time has finally come.  We had our big gender reveal. 

On Wednesday, October 10th we had our anatomy ultrasound.  I definitely was a little nervous that the baby wouldn’t cooperate.  After all, we had already planned a party for a few days later!  Well, our appointment couldn’t have gone any better, to say the least.  Our little munchkin cooperated just like we’d hoped for and is measuring right on track.  My belly also measured right on track; not too big, though getting there.  After our appointment the ultrasound tech called our photographer to tell her the sex.  We then had to wait 26 hours before we found out the big news!!  To keep our minds busy we prepared for the party and tried to think as little as possible about the exciting news we were going to find out.  I couldn’t imagine how Megan must have felt keeping our secret!!

Thursday came and it was probably the longest work day ever.  It seemed every time I looked at the clock no time had passed.  When the day was finally over, I again tried to find something to keep me busy instead of staring at the clock until 5pm when we were meeting Megan.  Finally, it was time to leave and at that point I don’t think it had hit me yet as to what we were doing.  When we got to the apple orchard, Megan assured us that we weren’t having twins, she just had both sets of balloons for the sake of making the photographic moment.  She explained to us that we’d take pictures with both sets of balloons, then she would blindfold us and place the correct color in Ben’s hands.  On the count of three we were to pull our blindfolds off and we’d finally know if we were having a boy or a girl.  

 Our “teaser” picture

What I just explained seems like it took like five minutes and it very well could have, but it seemed like it took forever.  The anxiety was definitely starting to get to me, plus the wind was getting in the way of the balloons. Megan did a great job of keeping a straight face while asking us questions during our session.  How she did it was beyond me!!  

After what seemed like forever, the big moment came.  We were blindfolded and ready to go.  Megan took a few shots of us while we were blindfolded and she had to restart the counting a few times due to the stupid wind blowing the balloons everywhere.  Below, is the timeline of how we (I clearly won the race in taking the blindfold off first) finally found out about our little boy!!

The anxiety at this moment was very high for both of us.  When I finally got that blindfold off I screamed so loud.  Not only was I excited to be finding out the gender, but I was beyond excited that we were having a boy!!

After finding out the news we took a few more pictures with our blue balloons and even some with the pink.  We decided to let our pink balloons go because no girls for us this time around.

Once we were done in the orchard, we took a few more fun pictures with our BLUE balloons!!

We cannot begin to thank Megan Swederski Photography enough for keeping our secret and literally giving us one of the greatest memories we will ever have.  Over the next year Megan will be documenting our little guy as he grows.  I cannot wait to see what her talent will bring in capturing those moments.  

After we got done at the orchard, it was a quiet ride home for both of us.  I think we were soaking up the moment and I was really trying to let it all sink in.  I mostly knew that having a boy meant a lot of really special things to me (those of which will get spilled later when and if we decided to tell his name before he’s born).  

At home, it was time to get down to putting the final touches on our gender reveal party.  The theme of the party was mustaches and bows.  Even though we knew there were no bows in womb, we had to keep people guessing the whole time.  
It was hard knowing that we’d have to keep this a secret for a few more days, so we each decided to pick one person to tell the news too before we told the “world.”  I decided to pick a 120 people to tell, as my students were dying to know.  Plus the chances of them running into of the grandmas was slim to none so I felt I was safe with my choice!!  We did class votes at the beginning of the week and it was definitely heavily weighed on the boys side.  All in all 68 boys to 38 girls.  One entire class voted for a boy!!  I tallied the votes, made a spreadsheet (those of you who used to work with me know how much I LOVE spreadsheets and find any excuse to make one) and shared all the data with the students before telling them the gender.  I had to make it educational somehow!!
Amongst all the text, phone calls, e-mails and even going to a concert with Ashley and Nate, neither one of us managed to slip, though people did a great job of trying to get it out of us.   

Party day finally arrived and I was so excited, I didn’t know how I’d last until 6pm.  Mom came over to help clean, Ben tackled the basement and I put together all the final details.  Since I’ve been consistently loving pizza this entire pregnancy we went for a pizza party with caramel apple bar for dessert.  Due to the rain we were unable to have a fire with s’mores, but no worries there.  

 The doorway when people walked in.  The two picture frames on the left had gender myths and then I answered them based on how my pregnancy had been going (it was very boy heavy with the results).  

 Everyone cast their vote as they walked in.  The little kids were very excited to see who thought boy and who thought girl. 

When people walked into the kitchen, these four pumpkins were sitting on the table amongst the plates and silverware.  We went with four pumpkins to throw everyone off.  There’s four letters in girl, but only three in boy, so we added a smiley face as a decoy pumpkin.  It only made sense that they were dressed in Brewer’s gear!!

It came time for the big reveal.  We made people wait a whole hour before actually telling them.  It was decided that the little kids would help us tell the news.  After all, this will be the 11th grandchild on the Zusan side, so they were very excited to find out if their new cousin would be a boy or a girl. We had a little powow with them in the basement ahead of time and thankfully no dress rehearsal was needed.  

After the big reveal.  Look at little B in the corner.  He wasn’t sure what was going on. 

It’s a BOY!!!!

To say thanks to everyone for coming, I made baby carriage sugar cookies. 

Half way there!! Only 20 more weeks to go!!

Baby is the length of a banana

How Far Along:  23 weeks today.  Still a little behind, but I’m getting there!!
Maternity Clothes: They’re a life saver and so are dresses.  Though I need to invest in some maternity tights.   
Stretch Marks: Those plus spider veins and an extra hairy belly.
Sleep:  It is pretty good until about 2:30, when I get up to use the bathroom.  Falling back asleep it pretty rough after that. 
Best Moment of the Week: The gender reveal!! I can’t decide if I LOVED the photo shoot or the party more.   
Miss Anything:  Seeing my feet!!
Movement: It’s here all the time.  Mostly when I lay on my right side or am ready to go to bed.  Ben still can’t feel it yet, hopefully soon. 
Anything Making Your Queasy or Sick:  Pregnancy and I are best friends.  If every one were the same I’d do this five more times!!
Gender:  It’s a BOY!!!!!!!!
Labor Signs:  None
Belly Button:  It’s officially out and doesn’t hurt anymore.
Happy or Moody: Happy all the time and very much in love with my little guy. 
Looking Forward Too:  Registering next week with my mom and the girls!!


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