Weeks Sixteen and Seventeen


It’s amazing how time flies and I get so caught up in things that I forget to blog.  Now that school is in full swing, I am having a hard time catching up with blogging, but promise to blog every two weeks if I don’t make it every week.  Of course I will continue to take pictures each week, I’m just running out of time to Photoshop and put it all together.  

Now I’m sure you’re curious as to what is exactly taking up all my time.  Honestly, it’s nothing in particular.  We’ve been spending Tuesday nights with my parents for dinner and my grandparents come over afterwards.  It’s nice to catch up with them and hopefully build the bridge that has been missing all these years.  I’ve also been reading a ton!!  It’s relaxing and mindless, kind of like watching TV.  Often, I do both.  School keeps me busy during the day and I’m very sleepy when I get home.  Sometimes I even take a nap before dinner!!  Lately my body has been deciding to wake up at 4:30, so by the end of the day I’m pooped.  Though, I’m not pooped like I was during the first trimester.  I still feel accomplished in my days.  

Speaking of school, it is great.  I really love my job.  It’s different than anything I’ve done before.  We’re in full swing so lots of things are taking place daily.  We had a lock down drill that lasted over 40 minutes.  It was one of those situations where after awhile you start to think if it really is a drill.  Not to mention each school has their own procedures so I was confused as to what we were to do.  Thankfully a student took charge and explained in a timely manner.  We also had a fire drill.  Those things must only make kids move fast in elementary school.  Middle schoolers moved slow, but high schoolers acted like it was no big deal.  Most were like “my phone, my phone, can’t leave without my phone!”

The world of high school definitely keeps me on my toes.  I thought middle schoolers were interesting, boy was I wrong.  This is a whole new level of interesting and lazy for that matter.  First, they aren’t afraid to ask even the frank of questions.  For instance, in Medical Terminology one of our words was prostate.  After I gave the definition, a kids raises his hand and says, “Ms. Z is this like when you go to the doctor and they stick two fingers up your asshole?”  How does one answer this??  Needless to say it was an interesting conversation.  The colostomy bag was a whole new can of worms!!  Second, they aren’t afraid to share any details about anything.  I definitely have to preface my Monday “how was your weekend” spiel with “I only want to know the appropriate things you did.” Last week I forgot to say that and a girl started off the convo with “Well my parents were gone so my boyfriend and I…” I’m sure we can all figure out the rest with our imgainations. 
Daily I get questions about the baby.  All the kids have their words of wisdom to share, want to name the baby, know the sex and even what it feels like.  Though, none of them have yet to offer to babysit!!  
All that aside, two and a half hours of prep time is making for no work to be done at home and me learning how to use my time more wisely.  I’m beyond grateful for that!!  As of right now I’ll be there until November, so until then my life will continue to be more and more interesting every day.  

WHAT I LEARNED IN HIGH SCHOOL:  Instead of taking notes, it’s easier to pull out your smartphone and just take pictures.  Defeats the purpose of needing a pencil or notebook, those aren’t “always” with you.  Not to mention, you carry your charger with you, so when your phone starts to die you just plug it into the nearest outlet.  #highschool2012

Pregnancy as a whole is great and I love every minute of it.  Sometimes my back hurts and I need to step back to take it easy, but other than that I have ZERO complaints about any of it.  Over the last two weeks, I’ve started to feel flutters and if I push on my belly really hard I can actually feel the baby.  My belly seems to be getting bigger, even though I didn’t think so until I put on a “normal” shirt and it was a lot shorter than it used to be!!  We set our appointment for our anatomy scan along with a tour of the hospital.  Our gender reveal will be the next day and our “party” will be a few days later with our families.  We are beyond excited and I cannot contain it even if I try.  It’s great that you have these parts to look forward too because these nine months of waiting are killing me.  Needless to say, I am not good with surprises!!  

Note: this really is my belly
Note:  Belly looks smaller because I’m sitting (I promise it’s still there and large), but really who is looking at it anyway.  Bernie is quite the show stopper.

How Far Along:  17 Weeks 6 Days

Maternity Clothes: I love them and may wear them after I’m done being pregnant.  
Stretch Marks: Those plus spider veins and an extra hairy belly.
Sleep:  It comes and goes.  Lately I wake up a few times a night to use the restroom and sleep good until midnight.  After that, it’s debatable.  Though Friday, Saturday and Sunday I’m getting the best sleep/naps ever!!
Best Moment of the Week: So much has happened in the last two weeks and I’ve had a lot of favorites during this time.  I think the one that stands out the best is watching my nephews play soccer each week.  It is so fun to watch and probably the highlight to my weekends.  
Miss Anything:  The mountains, though very common for this time of year.  Just no teacher’s convention for me this year for me to go there 😦
Movement: It’s here!!  Not very
Anything Making Your Queasy or Sick:  Nope, I LOVE pregnancy
Gender:  You’ll have to wait until October 14th to find out
Labor Signs:  None
Belly Button:  Popping away
Happy or Moody: Super happy, but very sleepy!!
Looking Forward Too: The Lake Geneva Hope Walk on the 29th.  14 miles of fun, though I’m only walking 5 this year. 


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