Fifteen Weeks


One week down, not sure how many more to go!!  High school is SO different that middle school.  So is teaching in a “small town” district. 

Coming in on Tuesday, I definitely had no idea what to expect, both with the students and curriculum.  Since I got hired so late on Friday, I really had no idea what I’d be doing for the next few weeks.  Luckily, the syllabi were waiting for me and we had a “shortened” schedule most of the week.  The woman that I’m subbing for was nice enough to come in on Tuesday after school and explain to me what the heck is going on.  After I met with her, found out where everything was and how it all worked, life made a lot more sense. 

After the first few days I felt way more at ease.  Having really nice students helped a lot too.  My last two classes are going to iffy, but that’s what you get when you have 40 students between the two and only 8 of them are girls!!

My new “life” comes with a new schedule.  Waking up is no longer at 6:30, that’s when I leave the house!!  It’s more like crawling out of bed at 5am.  No turning on the TV at 5:30 and watching the news until I feel like moving.  Lunch usually gets made at night so I have one less thing to do in the morning.  I have not functioned this early since high school and probably not even then!!  OH, I also go to be earlier.  With Fall TV right around the corner, that is really going to cramp my style. 

School starts at 7:20 and teachers are required to be there by 7:10.  The first few days I definitely got there by 6:30, but now that a week is behind me and I get what’s happening I’ll arrive a little later.  My first two classes are Medical Terminology, then Microsoft Office.  After my first three classes, I literally get 2 1/2 hours of prep time.  The department is in charge of the school store so each of us takes a lunch period to check in on the kids. This week we didn’t have it open, but it sounds like next week we’ll just check on them every ten minutes or so.  Once prep/lunch/supervision is over I have two Accounting classes and then school is over at 2:25!!  Definitely have not been done this early since I went to high school myself.

Well, I’ve spent 3 years in a Middle School.  Moving to High School should really require some sort of transition period and warning.  Here’s all the “strange and not so strange to me things” things about High School:

  • I do not wear a lanyard and/or ID.  So, not only do I have no idea who is a teacher, I blend in even more and look like a pregnant high schooler.  Not to mention my sweet landyard decorated with my awesome pins is no longer a conversation piece at staff meetings (which I don’t know when and if those occur). 
  • We don’t get fancy laptops or iPads.  We function on PC’s all day, my life is in turmoil yet again and I sit at a desktop all day.  In turn, this means everything is either done at school or saved on a flash drive (or cloud network) to work on from home.
  • Their gradebook/attendance is semi confusing.  Trenai would not be a fan.
  • The SMARTBoard in my room doesn’t work. Kip or Rick don’t come running when I asked for someone to fix it.
  • Girls wear low cut shirts and high cut shorts..  There is no Mary to send them too for a t-shirt or sweatpants.
  • Texting in the hall is permitted…there’s no words.
  • Students/staff can bring their own devices and use the wireless…something I was super fond of until I learned Twitter is not blocked.  High schoolers in turn tweet like it’s their job.    
  • There is not a list to add students to when swearing, which in high school is far more common than it was in middle school.  I probably say “pick a different word” a 100 times a day.
  • Students make out in the hallway outside your door…it’s disgusting. 
  • There are many offices…it’s extremely confusing.  There is no Tami, Trenai, or Bea
  • My students sit on yoga balls and/or rolly chairs…worst idea ever!!
  • Students carry backpacks; they’re a hazard in my eyes.  Heidi, I feel like you really would hate this “rule”
  • You have to send out for copies, which requires a lot of prep in advance.  After this experience, I promise to never curse at a copy machine again.
  • There’s a teacher’s lounge, which is AWESOME!!  Though I don’t eat lunch in there; it’s awkward.  All WMS’ers you’d love it. 
  • My room is air conditioned.  Again, WMS’ers you’d be in heaven.
  • There’s no need for a “stub” can…no pencil, no such luck. 
  • Kids come to class on time for the most part
  • There’s no “tight to the right” or “moving and grooving”….Nancy would not be a fan
  • We have “hallway”’s pretty sweet….WMS definitely needs that
  • Though, I’ve only written 3 passes so far, only for the health office
  • There are planners…they don’t get used….nothing new there

I think that’s it for now!! The list will continue to grow as my weeks progress.  I also hope to bring you, “What I learned in High School This Week,” segments.  You’ll find them commical, high school for the most part is commical.

All in all I’m really happy with my new position.  It’s fun and different.  Just what I think I needed.  Though, I’m super sad that I don’t get to see Katie daily, have lunch with the Geisler House on Friday’s, hide in Shari’s office when I need a time out, read Kip the news and be his “assistant”, share prep with Cody and Rob, visit “mom,” talk shoes with Trenai, get a hug from Diane when I needed it, pick out new hairstyles for Julie, walk into Anna’s class and get “greeted” each time, pretend to “fix” things daily, call for an admin, cry in Nancy’s office, stuff my face at staff meetings, iChat EVERYONE, lunch duty, pick up kids for the OC, take “calls” when everyone was busy and get the “they sent you look,” figure out strange technology questions, sweat to death in the summer and freeze to death come October, wait in line for the microwave and catch up on everyone elses days, and so much more.  Washington provided me with the best memories and friends I could ever ask for.  I know this school year will be different for all at Wash, but my first three years will always with all of you, will forever be the best years of teaching.  You truly don’t realize how lucky you are until you leave and can’t be there everyday.  Thanks to all of you for making me that lucky!!

As far as baby goes, we’re doing great.  Feeling fab and loving every minute of pregnancy.  The belly is growing at a slower pace, finally. Can’t tell if I’ve gained any weight yet, but I hope so.  Sometimes I forget I’m pregnant, which I think is a good sign if you’re feeling great all the time.  We have our monthly check up next week and hopefully we’ll get to schedule our gender scan.   

 You’re getting a sneak peak at Baby Z’s furniture this week
Also, Ben clearly took pics this week.  Ash would never make me pose like a cheerleader.

How Far Along:  15 Weeks 6 Days

Maternity Clothes:  Mom and I spent Saturday shopping for maternity clothes.  Got a lot of stuff and man does it feel good to have clothes that fit properly!!  The dress pants are as comfy as my snowpants!!! 
Stretch Marks: Those plus spider veins and an extra hairy belly.
Best Moment of the Week: The first day of school.  I’ve had three “first” days of school as an educator.  This one in particular, I felt the most at ease even though I should’ve been the most frantic.  Working at Washington provided me with a lot of great memories and experiences, but the first day always made me nervous about what students I would get.  You look at your rosters, talk to your friends and get the “scoop” on all your students.  Starting at this school, I didn’t know what to expect, but with high school elective classes those kids pick them and want to be there.  I was excited for kids who had a passion for business classes and all that we were going to accomplish.  Plus the mentality is a little different along with their insight.  It truly was one of my favorite days as an educator.  
Miss Anything:  Leinenkugel’s came out with a new brew; Lemon Berry Shandy.  My mouth watered for it at the grocery store. Will be buying some and saving it for March!!
Movement: It’s coming…I just know it!!
Anything Making Your Queasy or Sick:  Nope, I LOVE pregnancy
Gender:  Lots of “girl” dreams this week
Labor Signs:  None
Belly Button:  Popping away
Happy or Moody: Lots of happiness and excitement
Looking Forward Too: Doctors appointment next week. 

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