Thirteen Weeks

As I sat down to write this, I couldn’t remember anything about my week.  I definitely need to start writing this stuff down because my memory is getting worse and worse by the day.  In the past week it has:  helped me forget how to get home from the grocery store, gotten me to the grocery store but forgot what I needed while there, taken me on a manhunt around the grocery store trying to remember what I needed, second guess everything and even whether or not use shampoo first instead of conditioner.  Most people are probably thinking, there is no way you forgot how to get home and that you didn’t know to use shampoo before conditioner, but really it all happened.  At first I was mostly embarrassed, but then was like it happens, it will continue to happen, get over it. 
This past week was the “last” week of summer.  Most people will be heading back to school this week, but as of right now I am going to be a stay at home wife.  It is extremely hard for me to wrap my head around and resulted in a pretty rough week, but I am beginning to come to terms with it all.  Plus, my head is spinning with all the tasks I can complete.  Stay tuned, my blogs could get really interesting with the life of a stay at home wife!!  To all of my teacher friends, I wish you the best during your school year. It will be weird not going to school for the first time in twenty years and without you my days definitely won’t be the same.  I’ll pray for you daily and look forward to the humorous updates about your days. You can bet I’ll be back to visit (and bring treats)!!

I was just about to press publish, when I remembered what I did this past week.  PHEW!!  It was a little concerning to me that my blog was so boring this week.  Anyway, I remembered that I had another ultrasound.  The baby cooperated and we got some great pictures.  You can see the new ones above in the photo college I made for Ben’s desk.  The tech did say that I definitely have a stubborn baby though (not surprising).  Besides the ultrasound I went to the Brewers game with Ben’s work and a bachelorette party.  All in all, now that I remember, it was a decent week with fun events.  

Extra special thanks to Ash for dropping everything you’re doing every week to take my pictures!!  The blog would not be the same without them.  

To my husband, thanks for locking yourself in the basement every Monday while I blog, photoshop and sing at the top of my lungs.

How Far Along:  13 Weeks 6 Days
Maternity Clothes:  Broke down and bought some maternity capris.  They’re cozy. 
Stretch Marks: Those plus spider veins and an extra hairy belly.
Best Moment of the Week: Spending the day with my mom.  She’s fun to hang with!!  Also, spending time with some old friends at a bachelorette party.  There was a lot of reminiscing and catching up.  
Miss Anything:  Normalcy, but I’m sure that will come back sooner or later
Movement: I haven’t felt anything, but Bernie had a very weird moment while laying on my belly today.  Makes me wonder if he felt something or maybe he realized the belly in general. 
Food Cravings: Cereal with milk.  It’s so dang delicious. Why did I not know this sooner?
Anything Making Your Queasy or Sick:  Absolutely nothing
Gender:  Still thinking it’s a boy, though I found some very cute nursery stuff for girls today. 
Labor Signs:  None
Belly Button:  Popping away
Happy or Moody:  I cried a lot again this week, even at the Brewers game!!  I really need to get a hold of these emotions 
Looking Forward Too: Figuring out what a stay at home wife does all day!!

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