Stubborn Already


We went to the doctor today for our first trimester screening.  The screening involves an ultrasound and blood work to test for three things (I can’t remember what they are).  It is a test that is not required, but we mostly did it for the reason that you get an extra ultrasound out of it.  Well, what you see above is exactly how baby stayed for the thirty whole minutes, only moving once!!  The tech needed to measure the baby’s neck, but since our stubborn little child decided staying curled up in a ball was comfortable enough spot, the test did not get completed.  We tried poking the belly, laughing, peeing, drinking cold juice and coughing.  This kid was not moving.  Definitely reminds me of someone I know!!  My fear of twins, was definitely put to rest as there is only one baby in my oversized belly!!  That natural chunk I have must be making me extra bloated.  The baby is measuring right on track at two small inches without legs (we only saw those for a split second). To claify, the baby has two legs, the two inches just doesn’t include them since he was curled up in a ball. Heart rate was 158bpm (see there we have those even numbers again) and we got to hear that in the doctor’s office. According to the very old wives tale, that means we’re having a girl. Next week we’re going back to try one more time with the test.  In the end, we could careless about the results of the tests, but I’d do anything have another peak at Junior. 


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