Eleven Weeks


Week eleven has probably been by far my most favorite week of pregnancy (seeing as I don’t like odd numbers, that is very strange for me).  The week started off with winding down from vacation and trying to get back to “normal” again, which of course involved lots of napping.  I even cooked dinner twice!!  That is a first, seeing as cooking has been my least favorite thing for the last six weeks.  Starting to feel more and more like myself everyday, which is definitely a plus for everyone.

The week ended with one of my best friends marrying her prince charming.  I’d have to say that the Schroeder/Vitkus clan, puts on quite the party.  Starting with rehearsal all the way to late night pizza on Saturday, everything about their special weekend was fantastic (especially the food and the iced tea).  Junior definitely got his dance on Saturday night too.  We’re very blessed to have Mr. and Mrs. Vitkus as our friends and can’t wait to make lots more memories with them!!  Here’s a little sneak peek at the beautiful bride and myself before she became KEV.

Once Sunday morning rolled around, I unfortunately woke up with my first cold as a pregnant woman.  Apparently I’ve had a little too much fun these past two weeks and it’s catching up with me.  Being someone who is a huge proponent of cold medicine, it was extremely hard for me to not run to Walgreen’s and stock up on all my favorite meds.  I did, however, manage to sleep A TON.  Even though I wasn’t feeling the greatest, my cravings were still roaring away.  Apparently a taco salad was just what the doctor (baby in this case) ordered.  A day of sleep, some fluids and a taco salad made for a much more lively Monday.  Hopefully it’s a sign that the germs are checking out.  
One last thing.  Olympic watching has officially come to an end.  Over the last 17 days I truly enjoyed cheering on America and watching us dominate over China (and the other countries).  Only 542 more days until Sochi 2014.  Katie and I are already planning our Opening Ceremony Party.  Next on the TV schedule…the Fall lineup!!!

How Far Along:  11 Weeks 6 Days
Maternity Clothes:  Broke down and bought some shirts.  If you notice from the picture above, this belly is not getting any smaller!!
Stretch Marks:  Pretty sure I found one.  Of course I called Grammy and blamed her.  I asked if her shop vac could suck it out, but she told me to just suck it up!!
Sleep:  This week I seemed to be a bit more sleepy that last.  Probably had something to do with this cold or a baby growth spurt. 
Best Moment of the Week: The Schroeder/Vitkus Wedding!!  I love LOVE and weddings!!
Miss Anything:  One of the bridesmaids had a bloody on Saturday and it looked so delicious.  That may be my first post baby beverage 
Movement:  Pretty sure I’m still feeling a lot of stuff going on, but not sure what it is yet
Food Cravings:  Food is my friend and it’s so dang delicious!!  Pizza rolls or pizza of any kind are a must at least a few times at week. Oh and restaurant iced tea.  Still trying to figure out if I can get a restaurant to sell it to me by the gallon. 
Anything Making Your Queasy or Sick: NOTHING!!!
Gender:  Look at the above picture of my belly…there’s no way this baby is the size of a lime!!  We still think it’s a boy
Labor Signs:  None
Belly Button:  Still “popping” out
Happy or Moody:  A little bit of every emotion though my evil twin Allison has yet to make an appearance 
Looking Forward Too:  Thursday’s doctors appointment.  We’re having our first trimester screening, which involves an ultrasound!!  Hopefully they can see what this baby and/or babies look like!!



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