Ten Weeks

Ten weeks done…only 30 to go!!  This week I was lucky enough to head to New York City for the weekend with my mom, her girlfriend and her daughter.  We had a BLAST!!  This is probably an exaggeration, but we definitely put on a good 800 miles of walking and saw as much as we could in four days.  I took well over 1,000 pictures,  sadly none of which were of celebrities.  Mom asked me what my favorite part about the trip was and I honestly cannot say.  I LOVED the NBC Studio tour.  Lady Liberty was beautiful.  The 9/11 Memorial was amazing.  Time Square was huge.  Sister Act was hilarious.  The food was FABULOUS!!  The Empire State Building was awesome.  Riding the subway was fun.  Chinatown was interesting.  Little Italy had yummy treats.  Our City Lights Tour was cool, minus our awful guide.  The carriage ride through Central Park was relaxing.  There was just so much.  It is a trip that I will definitely take again in a few years.  Now, if I can only get the hubby to let me hit up Colorado before Christmas 🙂

Only a few weeks left until school starts.  Still no job, but no worry there.  We have so much coming up in the next few weeks that I am having a hard time containing my excitement.  A wedding, birthdays, doctors appointments, Brewers games, Olympic watching, family time and finally the end of trimester one.  It will be the perfect way to close out the summer and my favorite month.

How Far Along:  10 Weeks 6 Days

Maternity Clothes:  Still holding out on buying any for right now, but it’s getting harder and harder by the day. 
Stretch Marks:  None
Sleep:  Waking up more at night, but starting to get my daytime energy back!!
Best Moment of the Week: Everything about New York.
Miss Anything:  Just Ben while I was gone
Movement:  It’s debatable at this point.  Most likely was gas, but there’s definitely something going on in there
Food Cravings:  Starting to eat like normal again and ALL the time 🙂
Anything Making Your Queasy or Sick: NOTHING!!!
Gender:  Convinced we’re having twins and if not, then I’m having big foot’s baby.
Labor Signs:  None
Belly Button:  Starting to “pop” out.  Kind of like the rest of me
Happy or Moody:  Still super emotional lately.  I cry all the time, mostly while watching the Olympics. 
Looking Forward Too:  Katie and Kevin getting married!!!!!  Nothing better than celebrating LOVE between two people, especially when it’s two extra special people 🙂

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