Nine Weeks


We had a lot of fun this week celebrating our two year anniversary and reminiscing over our six years together.  I had camp too, so we didn’t celebrate on our actual anniversary.  The next day we went to 8 Twelve MVP.  Though my hopes of meeting Aaron Rodgers were crushed, the food and atmosphere were fabulous.  

Besides our anniversary, the Olympics starting and bobble head Sunday, I was especially excited about “the bump” finally making an appearance.  Still convinced that my natural chunk helped this pop a little sooner than normal, but it’s really fun to have a bump.  Now I finally look pregnant instead of just feeling icky.  Also, starting to feel more and more pregnant everyday as my body keeps changing along with my hormones.  Who would’ve thought I would end up changing shampoo and washing my face would make me breakout.  Never had these problems before!!
This week I also decided to go back to school, again.  At this moment I am convinced it is a hormone induced decision, but I’m rolling with it.  Ask me in October how I feel about all this!!  It’s weird to say, but I really miss having that constant part of my life and learning something new each week.  Grammy says that having a baby will teach me so much, but that’s still 31 weeks away!!  So, until baby comes, and probably for a bit after, I’m going back to get my Instructional Technology Coordinator Certificate.  Luckily the program doesn’t have as many requirements as my masters program and I’ll be able to skip certain courses.  Plus, let’s be honest, I am extra awesome under pressure; Ben probably would beg to differ!!
It seems that I share a ton of information about myself (this really isn’t surprising) when I blog and not so much about Ben, so I’ll fill everyone in on the other important half of this duo.  He, as usual, is a busy working bee and playing ball sometimes too.  He loves my ever growing belly and continues to talk to the baby every night. 
The month of August is really busy for us, but all of it is so exciting.  Can’t wait!!
How Far Along:  9 Weeks 6 Days
Maternity Clothes: Haven’t broken down and bought any, but I did purchase the Belly Band which is by far the greatest invention ever.  I almost wish I had one before I was pregnant. 
Stretch Marks:  None
Sleep:  Still sleeping like a champ.  Waking up at least once every night to pee.
Best Moment of the Week: Celebrating our 2 year anniversary.
Miss Anything:  Monday, I really missed wine and when we went out to dinner I really missed having a medium/rare steak.
Movement:  None
Food Cravings:  A little bit of everything this week.  Super hungry all the time, but just eating small meals. 
Anything Making Your Queasy or Sick: That stage seems to be gone, but if I don’t eat right when I start to feel hungry, when I do finally eat I feel sick.  So eating every few hours is a must.
Gender:  No idea, but only 10 or so more weeks until we find out
Labor Signs:  None
Belly Button:  In
Happy or Moody:  Super emotional lately.  I cry all the time, mostly while watching the Olympics. 
Looking Forward Too:  New York!!!!

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