My Favorite Questions

When we first told our family members we were getting married, one of the first questions was “When’s the date?”  I laughed at the thought of having picked a date 30 seconds after the question was popped (though there are some people who are better planners than I), but it’s a reasonable question seeing as getting married is a pretty big event in ones life.  Once we picked a date it was then “where will you have it,” “what’s your budget”, “how many people in attendance,” “who will be in the bridal party,” “did you get your dress yet,” “what are your colors,” etc.  All legit questions to ask one when planning that big moment.  
Well, after you get married, literally the second after you say “I Do,” people start asking, “when are you having a baby?”  I hadn’t even changed my name yet, let alone processed the fact that this is the man I’d be spending the rest of my life with (not exactly true, that happened about 30 seconds after getting engaged), and now you want to know when I’ll be popping out a kid.  People definitely have high hopes for all things.  Ben always had the best responses to these questions.  “She’s expecting triplets, doesn’t she look good?”  “We don’t believe in children.” “We like other peoples children, you can give them back.” Everyone knew all of these things weren’t true, mostly because Ben had professed his desire to have 12 children many times.  Being a nanny for 5 years helped me to easily narrow down that number to 4.  
For almost 2 years we dodged the kid questions and always pawned it off as we’ll have kids when we’re ready.  Little did most people know we were well on our way to trying to have kids, but God wanted us to take a different route in getting there.  One that I am extremely grateful for as this whole process has made me look at parenting in a whole new light.
Now that we’ve shared our news with 90% of the world, (it has yet to become Facebook official and I’m pretty sure that’s killing Grammy) we now get the infamous “what are you having?” question.  Unfortunately science is not as advanced as we all think and you can’t tell the sex of a baby before the genitalia are even formed.   Though, for all of you having a hard time waiting until week 20, I can guarantee you that when we do find out there will be some sort of big announcement (as with all things Baby Zusan) followed by a very loud scream from Grammy that you’ll be able to hear no matter where you’re located. 
Stay tuned.  Only 12 or so weeks left until we find out if Junior is a he or a she.  Then you can ask “Have you decided on a name yet?” and we’ll probably have to plan some other big announcement for that moment too!! Please wait until he (Ben really thinks it’s a boy and seeing as he talks to the baby nightly he may know something that we don’t) is at least 2 hours old before you ask when we’ll be giving him a sibling (a question that I’m already getting a lot of!!)

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